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Tie or not to tie

The groom has only had 2 requests for this whole wedding planning extravaganza!
-not to play mostly country music.... i can live with that
- not to wear a tie because it makes him uncomfortable....

I am not sure how to picture the groom without any tie, but I am trying to find a suit/tux outfit/combo that will work!

My colors are green and white, my other fear is using too much green and it being over whelming for decor vs attire.
But the groom to wear a white shirt with black buttons? With a tux/suit jacket? Vest or no vest? colored vest but no tie, where the GM will wear a colored tie and colored vest?
I am the first to admit i have many fashion faux pas... please help!!

Re: Tie or not to tie

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    I think its fine if he doesnt want a tie, you want him to be comfortable.  I like the white shirt with black buttons idea and no vest but you should have him go and try on multiple styles to see what you both like best.
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    He can pick his own outfit... but hes just as fashion faux pas as I am! LOL

    So he doesn't care as long as I like it and he does not feel like a penguin or have to wear any tie.

    I am not a bridezilla, but he IS my prince and I am a lucky bride to be :)  because he wants me to be happy and make it our day together!! So that we can both be happy, he is helping build my budget fairytale wedding!Laughing
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    Have you went to look at tux options?  I'm pretty certain that they make dress shirts that are specifically made to not have a tie.  They have like a special neckline with a fancier button on each side to jazz it up.  I actually prefer them to the tie.  I'm actually thinking the groom and groomsmen will wear a black dress shirt and silver vest with their black tux for our wedding.  So feel free to make it how you wish.  I know I will be helping pick out tuxes when the time comes b/c my fiance isn't a fashion genius either :) 
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