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Photo doggies for Anthony

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Not sure how many of you have seen this yet, but there is a facebook event going around requesting people send photos of their dogs to a boy named Anthony.  Anthony is going through chemo for acute lymphoblastic leukemia and whenever the he sees dogs, he smiles.  I think it is the sweetest idea, so wanted to share with you guys too. 

Here is the link. <<*edited so this whole sentence is a link.  If it doesn't work the event is called photo doggies for anthony.
GoldenPenguin[Deleted User]AuroraRose41

Re: Photo doggies for Anthony

  • @speakeasy14 I don't think there's a link in this post.  I also think it's a super cute idea (and so many of us have already done it!)
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  • @blue thanks for the heads up, I had a link but I guess I didn't paste it so just made the whole sentence a link now :)
  • lilacck28lilacck28
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    I love this. After so many annoying things that go viral on FB (seriously, stop posting the fucking privacy disclaimer. It's fake.), this makes my heart smile. Vi sent him snuggles last night, in the form of this picture:

    SERIOUSLY. I hate those stupid posts. Aside: I have a lot of artist friends. I get why they would freak out and go "oh! Maybe I should post this because I don't want my artwork getting misused/ appropriated/ lose the copyright to my work" (Though I still think its dumb, because, duh, the disclaimer is not a legal document.)

     But SO MANY people on my facebook that post this aren't artists! I don't understand why they're so concerned with Facebook using their random instagrams of food?

    And I left the picture of VI because... because.
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