Looking for a DJ in Portland

Hello there, I am new to the board and my fiance and I are getting married July 17, 2010 in Portland.  We live out of state and are coming home for the wedding so we are doing many things online.

We are looking for a DJ that will do the ceremony music and then the reception.  Our wedding is at 5pm and the reception until midnight.  We are wanting to stay under $1,000 and appreciate any recommendations of someone fun...but not corny.  Thanks!

Re: Looking for a DJ in Portland

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    Ryan Heim at "A Perfect Memory" has been highly recommended on this board in the past.
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    Paradox DJ.  His prices are reasonable.  His website is very organized and is helpful for a bride doing planning online.  We are thinking of hiring him for our Portland wedding in August.  Good luck!
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    Tyler and Gary at Music Your Way.  Super good guys and very professional. 

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    Clint Kuper from Chad Dowling Production
    Clint DJ'd for us, and he did a great job.  Full review in Bio (follow link to Vendors)
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    Ryan at Perfect Memory was amazing! We paid nothing compared to other DJs and he is the nicest and most enthusiastic guy you will ever meet!  Just talk with him and you are sold!  He did an amazing job helping me pick music and was super great!
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    Freeze the Moment - Aaron Harris  503-348-7323 (around 800)
    Gavin - Aussie DJ ($750) http://www.theaussiedj.com

    Both are AWESOME and play great music.
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