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Hi Ladies!  So, I'm new to this board (mainly because I'm newly engaged).  My fiance and me have selected our ceremony and repception locations for our September 2012 wedding and would like to reserve them to check it off the list and so I don't have to worry about our date being booked.  We want to have a church wedding (Presbyterian if that matters) and then have a cocktail hour (while we take photos) and an evening reception with a dinner reception with dancing to follow. 

My issue is that the church and reception venue want start times.  I don't want the ceremony to start too late because I don't want my guests starving for dinner or for my reception to last until midnight.  I've been to weddings that didn't end until after 12:00am and it's just exhausting.  Is 5:00 or 5:30 appropriate?  Woudld one be better than the other?  Thank you!
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