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Ceremony date...superstitious?

Still new to Knot, hope I'm posting on the right board :)

I am going to look at a venue soon for combined ceremony/reception, so my fiance and I are trying to nail down a wedding date so we can reserve it.

We have it narrowed down to September because I love the beginning of the fall season, and I was planning on September 10, 2011, until my fiance pointed out that we would be leaving on our honeymoon (and our OOT guests would be traveling) on the 10th anniversary of Sept. 11

Should I reconsider this date? I liked it because then on invites it would say cute is that?

The first weekend of Sept is Labor Day, so I can't do it then. And the next weekend is Sept 17th, which is the first wedding anniversary of a very good friend (got married on a Friday this year) that I might ask to be in my bridal party. I don't want to make things awkward by "stealing" her wedding date, and asking her to be busy the weekend of her first anniversary. Or I can push it back to the end of September, but I'm worried about cruising the Caribbean in October, I hear it is historically the worst month for hurricanes.

What are your thoughts on my dilemma?

Re: Ceremony date...superstitious?

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    I think it's fine.
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    I just had a friend get married on 9/11. It was a beautiful wedding and she didn't let the stigma of having 9/11 as her wedding date get to her. At the end of the day, it's just numbers. She was still married. I think the 9/10/11 is cute, and I agree with PP saying that 9/11 is probably going to be the safest flight of the year.
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    Thank you guys so much! It's nice to have confirmation that I'm not being insensitive or anything. I just found that there is a community board for each month, so I'll be perusing the September 2011 board to find other brides with my same date :)

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    Happy to help, and good luck with your planning!
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    I wanted that date so bad. I loved the idea of the 9-10-11. That being said, if you tried to pick a date that nothing bad ever happened on, you might never get married. If you go back through history you will find that almost every day of the year has some horrible event that  happened and it will alwasy be the anniversary of something.

    Like pp said. If you don't have any personal connections with the date, go for it.
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