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Evil Chipmunk got me drunk....

Today is BIL's bday. He would have been 28. DH is already passed out. I've no such luck due to class. Therefore, evil chipmunk told me to finish the bottle of wine, as well as fix myself a (second) bourbon and coke. I can feel a headache coming on and will take aspirin and drink water before i go to bed.

Not expecting sympathy, but I do have work at 8 am tomorrow. blaaah. one of my cats is being a total asshole, purring her face off, and acting smug.

Damnit, evil chipmunk, why'd you talk me into drinking?  I will hate you in the morning ,after i summon the strength to smack you.....

Re: Evil Chipmunk got me drunk....

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    I think taking a vitamin before bed helps, too. 

    You've had a rough week, so don't beat yourself up about this! Especially cuz I think Evil Chipmunk is the awesomest. 

    Good luck getting everything done. And at least you'll probably sleep well. One glass of wine does it for me now.

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    Ugh, well, you have enough reasons to drink, right?  Hope you can get up OK for work tomorrow.

    I still haven't finished packing for LA and my car is coming at 7:00AM.  Time to get my ass off the chair and go get some stuff done.
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    drink water now.  That always helps me.

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