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REVIEWS 1/24 - PBR Rockbar, Photography, Aria Buffet, cafe and salon, Vegas Booths *Part 2*

PBR ROCKBAR (In Planet Hollywood) - Actual Bar B-  / Communication D: When I first reached out to group res for PBR the communication was mediocre, but at least constant. After about two weeks the communication became horrible. It would take me 3 or 4 emails for Regina to reply to me. When I would finally call she'd have no idea what I was talking about and it was a huge mess. When I finally got her to send over the CC authorization form she told me the prices went up. It took another two weeks for her to get back to me saying she'd honor the pricing I was sent. All the way up to the day before the event I was trying (sending multiple of the same email even from different emails) to contact her. 
The actual bar wasn't bad. Our day of contact/manager was Megan and she wasn't overly friendly nor was she rude. The only times I saw her was when we first went in and when she brought over the remainder of the balance. We had it from 7:30 to 9:30 and until 9 it wasn't very lively, everyone was sitting around and all of a sudden the lights went down and they started playing Rap/Hip Hop and it became PACKED. They opened the door from the main entry area and when we went to the bathroom the guy wasn't going to let us back in. He said our party was over and we needed to go get a stamp. He was rather rude about it. We had two bartenders; one was amazing! She never let my cup go empty and her attitude was great. The other one, not so much. For a 2 hour Premium open bar for 33 people (not all showed - grrrr) it was $1,313.

GARDENIA LANE PHOTOGRAPHY - A+++++++++: I seriously cannot say enough good things about Mary and her husband Gareth. She completely made my day and it was the best decision I made. Communication from day one was phenomenal - she would only take a couple hours to reply! Her packages are very reasonably priced and I was lucky enough to book her when she was running a promotion on top of that! They arrived to the hotel early to scout out some areas and came up to the room about 10 minutes early and started shooting right away. It seriously felt like she was a lifelong friend. We had her booked until dinner and when the left (we invited her and her husband to stay as guests - thats how much we loved them) everyone was asking where they went and complimented them nonstop. During the stressful times of the day she would break out in dance to get me laughing again. I can't wait to see their photos! For 5 hours with her and her husband with all the pictures either by download or CD it was $745.

ARIA BUFFET - B: We ate here the morning after for brunch and it was just okay. Nothing was really spectacular (especially after WS), but it wasn't bad either. There was a fair variety, but it seems like things were left out for awhile and service was REALLY slow. For 3 people at brunch was $98. 

ARIA CAFE - B: We've ate here once before and had the same issue the boys (only two) did the morning of the renewal. Food is always really good, but service is beyond horrible. We originally planned to have the dinner here, but after our prior experience we changed our mind, which I am SO thankful for after the hubs having awful service again. Two breakfasts was roughly $50

ARIA SALON - C: I called the day before the renewal and got a slot for a beard and mustache trim for the hubs for the next morning. The front desk asked specifically what I wanted and I told them I wanted a beard trim and line up/possibly light shave, and a mustache trim. He goes to his appointment and the lady just trims a little and starts cleaning up. He asks her what about lining up his beard and getting rid of some of the stubble under the line and she says he wasn't booked for that. She finds out its for a renewal later that day and squeezes him in 45 minutes later, but his $30 trim turned into a $65 experience. I wish I would have went to art of shave. For the same price he could have had his head shaved as well. 

VEGAS BOOTHS - A+: Communication was great with this company from day one. I was referred by a friend that recently got married. They were super easy to work with and brought their own props, set up early and were overall great. They even threw in a free media kiosk so people could send or upload their photos to themselves. Everyone seriously had a blast! I would absolutely recommend them again! The Photo booth for 2 hours with 2 attendants, a social media kiosk, props, lanyards for everyone to hold their pictures and copies for everyone in the picture was $351. WELL worth the money!

Re: REVIEWS 1/24 - PBR Rockbar, Photography, Aria Buffet, cafe and salon, Vegas Booths *Part 2*

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    Thank you SO much for putting pricing in, it's a great frame of reference!
  • Thanks for the reviews!   I had such bad communication problems with PBR RockBar I gave up on them.  I emailed and got responses/pricing and then they just stopped.  Funny thing was they called the day before our meet and greet to see if we were still coming! HA!  I told them I had tried to contact them so many times and never got an answer that I switched venues...   Glad the venue worked out for you despite the communication problems!
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  • Thanks for all the reviews and pricing :) I can't wait to see your photos from Gardenia Lane! 
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  • Your reviews are great!! Thanks for including pricing, that's really helpful to folks doing research :)
  • Thanks for the reviews! Where did you have your photo booth? I am wondering if it's possible to have one in the Vista Suite.
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    @AndreaZubia85 We had it at PBR. Robert said they just need an 8' x 8' level area with a power outlet nearby. That was for the open air one so I don't know what it would be for the closed one.

  • Nice reviews and congrats to you!
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