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Help! Ladies where can I find this bridesmaid dress?

Hello everyone! I absolutely fell in love with this bridesmaid dress I want in this exact color and style. The designer is Bill Levkoff Classics. I ripped it out of a magazine many years ago. I don't even know if they still make this dress. I went on his website and I didn't see it. But if anybody has seen it and knows where I can find it I will be so grateful! The picture attached below is the exact dress and the exact color I want. I don't know the name of the color or the style number of the dress. Thank you so much for your help!imageimageimage

Re: Help! Ladies where can I find this bridesmaid dress?

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    I would start calling around to boutiques and ask if they carry Bill Levkoff. If they do, email them the picture and ask if they carry it.

    If you remember the magazine you ripped it out of, you could email the magazine. You say "many" years ago, so chances are, it's not being produced anywhere.

    If it's not, that looks like an extremely simple dress. Find a long two-piece strapless bridesmaid gown in dark red and you'll have the exact same look.  If you like the notch in the side, you could easily have all the dresses altered to look like that (if you do this, you should be paying for these alterations, not requiring it of the bridesmaids.)
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    Chances are, they probably don't make it anymore. Two piece bridesmaids dresses aren't nearly as popular as they once were (which is why you don't see them much on any designer website, not even Davids Bridal).  Two pieces also aren't as flattering on most people.  Maybe that's why folks stopped making them as much.

    Honestly, any satin sheath dress would look very similar to this dress.  
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    As mentioned two piece styles haven't been done in quite some time.  It's a pretty basic style other than the fact that it's two piece.  I wouldn't waste much time searching for this...especially if you have more than one bridesmaid.  
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    I just remembered that I saw a pattern very similar to this when I was considering having my mom sew my wedding dress.

    This pattern looks very similar to that dress. It could probably be adapted by a good seamstress.  

    I had no idea two-piece dresses were so rare. I never looked at bridesmaid dresses because either my mom or my sister sewed the ones for my wedding and the two weddings I've been in so far.
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