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  • Do not judge your supply based on your output on the pump. That was the first thing the LC told me. Babies are way more efficient at getting milk out than the pump is. The nursing a hour after eating is totally normal. I think for the first 6 weeks, DD was more or less attached to me. She'd nurse and then she just wanted to be close by for snacks. I lived in bed during the time that DS was at daycare/DH was at work. She'd sleep on my chest, I'd watch Netflix or BS on the internet. Babies nurse constantly to get the supply up and because breast milk is must more easily digested.

    The other thing that I learned, is that if you are on any fluids during your labor/delivery that plumps the baby up. So when they finally get rid of that fluid plus their normal weight loss, it can seem really shocking. DD lost a good pound in 24 hours and I was freaking out. But during my delivery I was on antibiotics/fluids because I was Group B Strep positive.

    You are doing awesome. If you can, ask if your lactation consultant will do weights pre and post feeds. It can give a better estimate of how much they actually take in. I think when I saw my LC with DD, after we got her latch fixed she took in something like 4 ounces of milk in about 25 mins and she had been fed like a hour before that.
  • FIVE LITERS OF LACTATED RINGERS. FIVE. My edema finally went away TODAY.

    And they have done the before and after weights. He got 22 mL from me.

  • 6fsn said:

    All of my kids lost more than 10% of their initial body weight and eventually bounced back.  The only time I got more than 5 oz was when I was back at work and not nursing at all during the day.  YOU ARE DOING GREAT. 

    Emphatic yes to all of this.  I definitely didn't start pumping serving-size amounts until I was back at work.  Until then, DS was hoovering up almost all of my milk.

  • it's normal for babies to lose weight after delivery - Wolverine went from 4lbs6oz to 3lbs11oz  before she started gaining - and this was in a NICU situation where she was given formula supplemented with whatever i could pump and monitored constantly. She was up to the 5lb range by the time she was released from the NICU (12 days). 

    like everyone said, where you are is completely normal for this phase - you're doing a great job. :-)
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