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Dress Anxiety

Hi everyone,

I'm getting married this September, and just bought my dress a couple of days ago. However, since then I've been having major dress anxiety! :( I don't know if this is normal, if other brides have gone through this, or if anyone has any ideas to help with my jitters!

So - the story is, I'm rather picky. It took me multiple appointments, and many-a-dress (my bridesmaids counted at least 35) before I found it. However, my mom couldn't be with me during this process - and when I showed her the dress I bought (in hindsight, I should have shown it to her before making the purchase), she liked another dress better.

I had an emotional reaction to the dress I ended up choosing, so I made the purchase after I tried the dress on for the second time on the same day (which again, probably a mistake). But now I've made a down payment, and there's no turning back. I'm pretty sure I made the right choice, but can't help feeling there's something wrong with the dress, or should have gone with the one my mom liked. 

Anyway - I'm just having dress anxiety and was just wondering if anyone could help!


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    This is totally normal. TONS of brides post the same thing on these boards. As long as the dress looks and feels good on you, then it is the "right" dress! No worries. 
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    Do YOU love the dress? As long as you feel good in the dress and it makes YOU happy, that's all that matters.
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    I am feeling the exact same way right now. I think I chose more according to what the people with me liked, versus what I liked. I think I chose a beautiful dress, but I'm still wrestling with what-could-have-beens.
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    I have to say, that was kind of crappy of your mom to say that after you had already bought the dress.

    If YOU are happy with your dress then that is all that matters. Don't worry about your mom. She's not the one wearing the dress. Just remind yourself of all the things you loved when you picked it, and don't stress about it too much.
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    I'd take your mom's opinion with a grain of salt. My mom actually started crying when I came out in a big, poofy, shiny, over-the-top dress that made me LOOK like a wedding cake. It was awful. She started crying and I said "mom, really?!", and we moved on to the next dress. The wedding dress you pick should be what YOU want, not your mom.

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    The advice that calmed my nerves:  "Your wedding look is more than just the dress.  It is the hair, make up, veil or no veil, jewelry and you."  

    I googled "wedding dress regret," and there are so many blog posts and articles written about the topic of wedding dress jitters.  I googled it, of course, because I felt very similar to how you are feeling!  I went to 14 bridal stores until I finally picked one.  I had a vision and couldn't get that out of my head.  I wanted to fulfill my wedding dress vision, but still find a dress that was flattering.  

    The dress I choose was not everyone's favorite dress on me.  BUT, it's my favorite.  Surprisingly, everyone loved a blush bridal gown with very intricate lace.  This same group of people told me to never wear blush...sooo yeah they changed their minds and confused the heck out of me.  I went back to the same store alone and tried on more dresses.  I picked a white dress I loved.  The pink dress my family and friend's loved is still there.  I don't dislike it, but I had to let it go.  I like my dress.  I am not over-the-moon excited about it, but I am so excited for the wedding.  
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