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Weird mom (for anyone bored)

Here's what I know about my cousin's wife and what I mean by weird.  Some of it is personality quirks, some of it is straight up gonzo, some of it is her, some of it is what she's been through.

She and my cousin got married over 20 years ago.  She's always been quiet and reserved.  She comes from a very proper family with one brother, 2 parents and no other relatives.  Um, my cousin is one of 7 in a loud, crazy not so proper family.  There are 12 aunts and uncles and 28 first cousins.

She has always been very appearance driven.  The hair, clothes, makeup just so.  Not an ounce of body fat.  Never a moment of eating junk.

She was starting to loosen up a little then had a terrible accident.  She was driving with the kids and a homeless man jumped off the curb.  His head smashed open on her windshield and he was killed instantly.  There was nothing she could have done, but obviously you don't just go on "ladida" after something like that.

She's an anti-vaxer.  Her kids were not allowed processed sugars, food dyes, etc.

About 10 years ago her son had an AVM rupture on his spine.  He was completely paralyzed from the waist down.  She had to allow people into her life and home to help, but hated every moment of it. 

I really don't know everything that went down the week between finding out the daughter had cancer and the surgery, but I do know that they were seeing an acupuncturist and chiropractor.  On the one hand they weren't delaying the surgery for these things, but on the other that's odd right? 

While I say mom is weird, I know my cousin plays a part in this too.  I do wonder if the anti-vax thing will have any play in the treatment.

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