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My Boyfriend’s Stuffed Animal Collection

Dear Prudie: My boyfriend has about two dozen stuffed animals. They are, apparently, the survivors of a childhood collection once numbering over 100. When asked, he can explain the individual reason for each one he saved. (Invariably it was a gift from so-and-so, a group of people that includes family and friends but no exes). Most of them are kept on a shelf in his closet, but one has a place of honor on his bed. Part of me feels like it shouldn’t be any big deal—after all, I went to college with a teddy bear, who currently resides on my nightstand. But part of me keeps fixating on the fact that he’s a man in his 20s with two dozen stuffed animals, which is hardly the norm. Is this a cause for concern, or should I let it go?

Re: My Boyfriend’s Stuffed Animal Collection

  • as long as he's not a plushie (or she's ok with it if he is), then it doesn't seem like a concern. 
  • Does he insist on lining them up to watch because he can't "perform" unless Mr. Snuffles is cheering him on? No? Then I would probably let it go.

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