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I see this a lot

Signature lines that say something like:

"Sent from my iPhone 

Probably in a hurry and no time for spell check..."

Why not just say, "I'm lazy, rude, and don't care if the reader of this e-mail can understand me"?

Today, I want to drive to this person's house and punch them in the face.

Re: I see this a lot

  • Today, I want to drive to this person's house and punch them in the face.

    Is it the same person you wanted to punch yesterday?  If so, this is a pervasive pattern of dumbfuckery, and someone needs to put a stop to it.  The only thing necessary for the triumph of dumbfuckery is that good [wo]men should do nothing...

    Also, I feel like it's one thing if you don't know how to turn off your iPhone email siggy [cough, my mom, cough].  It's quite another if you know how to get to it, and rather than turning it off, you make it even dumber.  But that's probably more personal preference than anything.
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    No, this is a client. 

    The dumbfuck from yesterday (and the day before) is just an annoying know-it-all bitch.  She seriously went on a 10 min 'lesson'/rant in our team meeting about the difference between EDT vs. EST.  And when our supervisor tried to move on, she kept cutting him off. 

    This is not new behavior.  I feel like telling him that he needs to shut her down because she hasn't changed in 10 years.  I love to see her given a 'ho sit down' because she's the *woooorrrrssstttt* .  I have a list a mile long of shitty things she's done in, and out, of work.

    Her sister is on our team and is the nicest person ever.  I have so many questions for her about her sister that I can never ask.
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    I mean, you can delete that line, right?  So yeah---basically, I agree with you.  Yep.

    PS.  I was told not to "worry about things" and now that those THINGS are going down the shitter....yep.  *TOLD YOU SO*
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