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My H chooses tech over our family

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Dear Prudie,
When I started dating my husband seven years ago, he was always the guy with the latest gadgets. As the years have gone by, this interest has become an addiction and he is now always glued to something. In our wedding photos, he’s using the phone at the reception for Facebook and Instagram updates. On our honeymoon, he wanted to stay in the room and watch YouTube videos on his tablet. He can’t eat a meal without the TV on. When I was in labor, he spent the entire time playing Clash of Clans. I drive because he uses the devices while driving. He complains about our sex life, but it’s hard to initiate foreplay while he is playing games or watching videos in bed. We have arguments about tiny things because the devices get in the way of effective communication. As our baby grows, I’m worried that he will neglect him as well, or impart this addiction to him. What should I do?

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Re: My H chooses tech over our family

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    I hope Prudie gets a dollar every time she gets a letter that is basically "My spouse did X before we were married, and now that we are married, continues to do X.  Help."  Prudie would be able to buy her own private island.

    Dollars to doughnuts (my grandma says this!) his behavior is the same, and she's mentally reclassified it from "interest" to "addiction" now that she doesn't like it.
  • If she didn't think about it before the wedding, maybe she should have thought about this before getting pregnant. Obviously she managed to tear him away from the devices long enough to get KU. 

    Do they make a "Sim Baby" game? 
  • I knew DH was a tech/gaming guy, but it didn't become super obvious until we moved in together and it started creating problems.  Before we married, I drew a line in the sand, we found a compromise, and moved past it.  Now, it's something that will creep up now and again, but b/c he knows my feelings on it, he will usually put an end to the problem maker (it's usually a game for him, no matter what the toy it's on is) before I say something.

    She needs to use her words and he might possibly need therapy, especially since it sounds a bit like social media addiction, which is a whole 'nother field/problem.
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