Wedding Woes

Grumping about having to pay for water is my current first-world problem.

I don't buy bottled water for a bunch of reasons, including, expensive.  I haev a cold and I'm trying to stay hydrated.  I'm stranded at work for at LEAST a few more hours.
I just finished my bottle of water (filled at home).

If I worked anywhere else I'd go refill the bottle, but...I don't drink the water from the fountains here because it's legit unsafe.  I don't have access to the staff water cooler after 5 (damnit, 5 minutes earlier to notice, this wouldn't be an issue).
So I either have to go put $2 in the vending machine, or I have to have another Dr. Pepper or I have to sit here and be grumpily thirsty.

I'm leaning toward grumpily thirsty, because that's the sort of day this is.

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