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I need help with ideas on how to decorate's our "alter" area and it is too plain for me...we are having a spring wedding with bright colors. Our colors our fuchsia and kelly green...I really want to cover the posts somehow...idk...


Re: decoration!

  • I can reccomend a runner up to the area and then adding flowers into the area.  Like the previous post, I would speak with your florist and see what ideas she may have..  You could also put large vases of flowers on either side (on the ground) to add some color to this site.  It already looks beautiful btw!  Have fun decorating that area! :)
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  • It really is a great area!

    I think it depends on the time of day. If it's daytime, you could buy some "tulle by the yard" and lace it round the posts, probably in the fuschia color, add some ribbons/bows or flowers (real or silk) intertwined with it.

    You could also find silk floral garland relatively inexpensively in stores or online in an ivy/grapevine material, and add single flowers to that to drape around the top, maybe with some of the tulle as well.

    If it's evening, you could add strings of lights to the tulle, and wrap the lights in the tulle & wrap/drape it around the sides & top.

    If you want something smaller, or easier, do some draping and get a couple of plastic stands that look like columns, and plastic garden urns at a home or garden store or online, and place them in front of the posts and fill with flowers (real or silk) that match your wedding flowers. You could then remove them and take them to the reception.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks so much for your ideas! I am going to have an aisle runner with heavy amount fuchsia petals on each mom wanted to put columns with ferns on top of them on each side. And on top, somehow incorporating flowers. I thought about sticking them in there. The lights wrapped in toole would be nice on top, our wedding is in the evening. 
  • pink flora lites or led pink lights (like ones that are on sale at target right now) mixed into the greenery would be fabuous. I think kelly green fabric draped around the posts would look amazing. If it  is in the evening luminaries are beatiful.

    Depending on how big this is vs where you stand in it pink crystals and kelly green ribbon dripping down in front would look so pretty. You can get cheap crystals and crystal curtains at
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