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Sanity check- DIY silk bouquets

So I've been reading this forum as well as doing some online research and before I hit the 'purchase' button and commit myself to this craft project, I was hoping for a sanity check.

I'm getting married in a destination wedding in Belize and while the resort that's hosting the wedding provides flowers I was hoping for something a little more custom. I already checked and there is one florist on the island we're getting married which is the florist the resort goes through. Basically everything is imported so I can't run to a grocery store for some quick, cheap local flowers. The florist can make a custom bouquet for $80 but after some research on afloral and other stores I think I can do it much cheaper with artificial flowers. I personally don't care much if they are artificial as long as they don't LOOK like it in pics. I've seen really horrific artificial flower bouquets before and the idea of that is frightening. That being said, I'm very crafty and already have floral tape/wire/shears, etc. from making wreaths and other projects around the home. Not to mention I love a good craft project so I'm not opposed to spending time perfecting it. 

I guess my questions include- how much should I commit to this idea? Will these really look fake/terrible if I do this myself? Will transporting them down to the wedding literally and figuratively crush my project? But most importantly-  Does anyone have pics of their silk bouquets??? Talk me into it!

Re: Sanity check- DIY silk bouquets

  • If it were me, and flowers were included there, I would go with that. Part of the beauty of a destination wedding is that the florists there can use local flowers you may not get elsewhere, which really tie in well with the setting.

    I also wouldn't want to give up a lot of suitcase room.

    That said though, I think a silk flower bouquet would be easy to make. Good silk flowers will be more expensive though, keep that in mind. By the time you order all the different types, you could easily hit $80. I know I balked at paying $30 for a flower girl crown of fake flowers and set out to do it myself. I did, and it looks fine, but when I added up my costs, I spent almost $40, and spent about 2 evenings doing it.
  • @cgss11 so right. thanks for that, I guess I just needed to hear it before getting sucked in!!! If I really need something custom (I don't REALLY), I'll go live and save myself the headache now. thanks!
  • nzigah01 said:

    Check this site, they have greats DIY accessories for centerpieces, bouquets and other stuff.
     You can find some some brooches for your bouquet
    You're not allowed to advertise etsy shops on this site. I think 9 times is 9 times too many.  
  • I made 4 bouquets for about $20. Using a steamer on the silk or fabric flowers will remove any crushing or wrinkled petals. My bouquet and centerpiece are in the picture below.
  • Here's a closer pic of the flowers.
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