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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

My videographer lost my wedding video!!!!

Dear brides, my name is Susanna and I married the love of my life at Oheka Castle this August 2009. I used their house vendor, MME Entertainment, for many services, one of which included our wedding videography. However, 3 months after the wedding (this past Wednesday 11-18-09) they informed me that they LOST my wedding video!!!! I still cannot stop crying! I have asked all of my guests if they had shot any home videos of the wedding, but I am out of luck, nobody has. MME Entertainments head guy Joseph said that they are still looking for it, but somehow it was accidentally taken off of a desk by someone? and that they still have not found it since October 30th,2009! Thats almost 3 weeks ago. They said that they erased the copy from their computer, but why wouldnt a professional company save these things until the customer receives the final product!? I was informed months ago that I would be picking up the video, nobody told me that it would be sent! Was the video even made? How can I know? Bottom line, my video is gone. Does anyone have any advice! I cannot stop feeling faint when I think about this.

Re: My videographer lost my wedding video!!!!

  • I'm sorry they "lost" your video.

    I would recommend posting this on your local board though.
  • I am so sorry to hear this happened to you. I guess the only thing you can do is hope that they find it. That and ask for your money back and then some. I would be absolutely livid. GL!
  • Complain to the BBB, write a letter to the "opinions" section of your local newspaper and bridal magazines and post it on your local board. Ask for your money back. If they refuse, sounds like a small claims law suit ( you can also contact your local county/state bar association for more information on this). You paid for a service and a product, one of which you didn't get. Good Luck.
  • oh that's so awful.  hopefully it will turn up.  in the meantime, all you will probably get is your money back and if they do end up finding it they should give it to you free for all the upset they've caused you.

  • My heart goes out to you, im soo sorry this is something you have to deal with. Mishaps happen unfortunately for whatever the reason. Just know that you have years ahead of you and in time youll have soo many MORE greatest memories recorded as HUSBAND & WIFE. The greatest moment may  not be on a video but you have the feeling within you and as long as you keep THAT memory you could tell people about it --which to me at least , is much more special than being able to show it. People will hear it in your voice just how special that "BIG DAY" was for the both of you..so dont cry :( Cheer Up Charlie :)


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  • Thank you for the advice, I really appreciate it. I am going to post it now. Happy Thanksgiving.
  •  Hi,
    I am so sorry that this happened to you! Its a horrible thing to hear.
    Does Oheka Castle take any responsibility as this is their house vendor? Honestly besides posting to the local boards and writing the BBB, all of which i'd do if I were you, I would consider persuing legal action. What they did was unprofessional and irreplaceable.  I hope everything works out but remember that you did get the best gift of all, a lifetime of love & happiness. GL
  • I think you definitely need to inform the higher ups at Oheka castle about this.  Oheka castle is a well known and expensive venue and a mistake like this is ridiculous.  They should immediately take this vendor off of their list permanently.  I would post this on a lot of boards and also if they dont' refund your money try to take them to court. 
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