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Wedding Woes

I'm being voluntold to work for the family business

Dear Prudie,
I was raised in an immigrant family that worked hard to build a small florist business that is unbelievably busy during major holidays. My mother wants me to go home and help out the week leading up to Mother’s Day. I’m exhausted just thinking about working for them. I’ve already spent three weeks at home in February to help out for Valentine’s Day and, before that, three months to help out when my dad was seriously injured. I was physically and mentally drained after working those stints for them. I was paid after long negotiations and didn’t get all of the money until February. I’m probably expected to work gratis that week. I’m currently finishing up a master’s degree and trying to look for a job. Should I suck it up and work for them or can I finally draw a line? 

—Exhausted Daughter

Re: I'm being voluntold to work for the family business

  • If she does it, she needs to be paid.
  • If her family is currently footing the bills for her education and living expenses, I would argue that she's already getting paid. If she fully supports herself, then yes, she should negotiate a fair payment. 
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