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Dress regret times two... HELP!!!!

I am probably the most indecisive bride out there, and I know I am making my mom and all of my bridesmaids miserable, but I just can't seem to get it together!

I got engaged June of 2014 and bought my dress in September.  It wasn't my "dream dress."  The women at the boutique I went to talked me out of my dream dress saying it was a horrible pepto pink and said I would look too "ethnic" and like a flaminco dancer (my dream dress was in the White by Vera Wang at David's Bridal in this lovely blush color). So I bought what I thought would be a dress I loved.  I really wanted a blush colored dress, and I ended up buying the one that was closest to my size.  I just couldn't get a feel for all of the other dresses since I needed a size 16 and all of the samples were 8s and 10s.  Anyway, fast forward to May 2015.  My wedding is July 11, and I have had major dress regret.  I went to pick up my shoes yesterday at David's Bridal (in a fit of regret a month ago I went there to try and make myself love my Essence of Australia dress by trying on shoes and slips) and I ended up buying another dress.  OMG what have I done?

The DB dress I bought is the complete opposite of what I have, but I actually felt good in it. I bought my Essence dress saying I would lose weight, but of course I have not.  The new DB dress feels awesome on, and I actually cried!  I'm not sure if I cried because it felt so good to put on a dress that didn't make me look like the scene out of Steal Magnolias with "two pigs fighting under a blanket" or if I truly love it.  It's not even blush!  Now I am getting different opinions across the board...

So ladies, what do y'all think?  Am I crazy?  Which dress do I wear?  And what do I do with the one I don't wear?! 

Re: Dress regret times two... HELP!!!!

  • They both look amazing on you. I hate that you hate the blush one because I love it, but what's important is how you feel. So wear the other one and carry blush flowers or wear pink shoes or something. Whatever you do, stop looking at other dresses.

    You can sell your other dress or you can donate it to Brides for a Cause, which will then sell it to another bride and donate half the proceeds to Wish Upon A Wedding.
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  • They really don't look that different form one another. 

    Wear the one you feel best in, and stop looking at dresses. 

  • Both look great. You should choose the one you feel best in, but I honestly prefer the second dress.



  • doeydodoeydo member
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    I prefer the first dress.  However, it is up to you and how you feel in the dresses.
  • You look great in both dresses! You should wear the one you feel good in because every bride should feel beautiful on her wedding day.

    I prefer the style of the second dress over the first, but that is because I feel like the first one has too much going on.
  • WTF @ the consultant saying you'd look too ethnic

    Both dresses are nice and you look beautiful in both of them. Personally, I prefer the first one but that's just me. Go with the one you feel looks better on you and stop looking for dresses. Sell or donate the one you wind up not wearing. 

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  • personally i like the essence dress but go with the one you love the most. and no consultant should tell you your dream dress looks like a hot mess they are supposed to put you in the dress and ask you how you feel but also they will let you know what shapes work best for your figure 

    also the salon that sold you the essence dress should have not ordered it in a smaller size they are supposed to order the dress in the largest measurement based on the size chart you can always take in but taking the dress out cant always be done

    ex i am a street 18/20 in tops and bottoms a size 20-24 depending on the designer sample gown i tried on was a 22 or 24  i was able to wiggle into it and she was able to lace it into two holes and tie it but not fully lace it. i measured at a 28 according to the size chart but i was only 4 inches diffrence between the sample and the size 26, when my dress came in it fit in the waist like a glove not to tight not to loose just right my bust on the other hand forget it the top was so big they had to take it in several times add darts and even sew in cups to get it to fit right on me 

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    I prefer your first dress.  It does so much more for your body then the other dress.

    But in the end it is up to how you feel.  Pick the dress you feel you look best in and are most comfortable in.  Then stop looking at dresses.

    ETA:  As for what to do with the unused dress you can either try selling it online via or a similar site or you can take it to a consignment shop.  Or you could donate it.

  • I think both look gorgeous, but I slightly prefer your original dress.  I agree with Maggie, your shape looks amazing in it!  (You're definitely being too hard on yourself!)

    If #2 made you that happy though, then stick with that one.  Don't dwell on the original "vision" of the blush dress.
  • hellohkb said:

    WTF @ the consultant saying you'd look too ethnic

    I somehow missed that the first read-through. Seriously, WTF. That was a bad consultant, and I can't help but wonder whether you felt worse about the whole experience, OP, than about the actual dress. :c Still, wear whichever dress makes you feel awesome.
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  • Two pigs...under a blanket? What? I think your original dress is really flattering for your figure! But you should wear the one that you feel more comfortable in. If that's the second one, so be it.
  • I like both but I like the second one better. 
  • You have 2 dresses now. WEAR THEM BOTH!! I think you should wear the second one (the one from David's) as your ceremony dress and the other for a reception dress. I am a HUGE fan of first one though.
  • They both look great so it doesn't really matter which one you wear. Pick the one that makes you feel the best, the one that you don't want to take off.

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  • They're both beautiful, so whichever you go with you'll look great! I was in the same boat; purchased a dress that I really liked, but felt self-conscious in at times. When that dress came, I kept picking apart how I looked in it. I realized then, that I had to go with my gut, and search-out a dress I had previously been ooogling. I had a lot of people give me a hard time for looking at dresses once I already purchased, but at the end of the day you've got to feel good, and your opinion is what matters.

    That being said, it's not the end of the world to have two dresses. That's why they created websites like and Tradesy - so people could sell their gowns (that's where I'm selling mine). The fact that you'll be selling something new and unaltered works in your favor, too! Don't sweat it though - make sure you feel good about yourself and that's how you'll know which gown is YOUR gown.
  • I think the first one makes you look like an hourglass.  Just really flattering, and I love the beadwork.
    So if I get a vote, I vote number one. But choose whatever feels best.

    Stop with the pigs fighting under a blanket. I hear things like this from so many lovely young women on this site, and it honestly breaks my heart a little. I wish you could see how beautiful you are.  I'm an impartial stranger, and  I see it. 
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