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Question about getting to venue...Cosmo to the Bellagio in July

Hi, a bit of background, we have been to Vegas before for a friends wedding and fell in love with the Bellagio fountains and also the Cosmo rooms overlooking them :)..... so we are staying in the Cosmo and getting married at the Terraza in the Bellagio...I keep trying to figure out how to get from the Cosmo to the Bellagio, I have walked before, but obviously not in a wedding dress!...what I am trying to remember is how far it is from Cosmo to Bellagio and do you have to cross a street?  I seem to remember that there is an entrance to the Bellagio right next to the Cosmo...I am really looking for someone who is advice/opinions to help me decide if it is feasible to walk.....or if I am better to jump in a limo especially as it is in July!
Thanks in advance for any help!

Re: Question about getting to venue...Cosmo to the Bellagio in July

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    PS the groom and all the guys will be walking there in their kilts, this is just a question about how the ladies are going to get there!

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    They aren't far but the trick is that the Bellagio is set far back from the strip whereas the closest entrance of Cosmo is right off the strip. I just think the heat in July will be ridiculous for a 15-20 min walk alone.

    There is a free tram that connects Bellagio to Crystals to Aria inside though! You could take it from Bellagio to Crystals and just walk the quick outdoor walkway to Cosmo. Crystals mall and Cosmo are all part of that city center area and it may be much faster (and cooler).

    Hope this helps!!! :)
  • Thanks for your reply! Another option to think about :)

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    Bellagio to the Cosmo isn't a long walk if you're coming out on the east side of the property on the north entrance at the strip. One tiny driveway to jump over, then up the stairs/escalator at that big Bellagio sign to the walkway in to Bellagio. It'll be a hot walk, but it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.
  • Thanks for your replies everyone....might just wait to see how we are feeling on the day! :)

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