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Amateur Photography at Hotels

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Does management typically have problems with "regular guests" taking photos around hotels/resorts? I'm looking to have my friend take a few shots of us before our professional shoot. He's actually a professional wedding videographer but he can take decent photos. I'm a little photoshop savvy so I can do the touch ups from his photos. Basically, I'm looking to get more photos on my wedding day without spending more on our pro session.

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  • If you're quick about it, you should not have any issues.  Properties I know that explicitly ban commercial photography and tend to actually take action are just Cosmo, Bellagio (over the past year) and Venetian.  So if you were wanting to do a 30 minute photo tour around any of those, that could be problematic, but otherwise should be fine.

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  • Thanks vegasgroom. I'm thinking of just staying at Caesars because of the heat and time restraints. I think I could get nice backgrounds. Any problems there that you know of? However I would still love a picture in front of the Bellagio Fountain!
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    As long as there isn't much set-up and you're just quickly shooting, I would assume it's OK. We saw so many brides last week on our scouting trip, but didn't stick around to see the results.
  • Yes, I anticipate more candids than posed shots. I'm sure brides draw a lot of attention.
  • I still don't understand how Bellagio is able to chase people off the sidewalk side of the fountains, but I've heard they have done that before.  In any case, if you're there just a few minutes you shouldn't have any issues.

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