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Aria SkySuites & MGM SkyLofts -- The Catering Conundrum!

So, on our scouting trip, my fiancee really fell in love with the MGM SkyLofts, but I seem to be hitting a brick wall in getting them to allow an outside caterer and/or drop their minimums (minimum $115/person + 20% service charge + sales tax + administration fees).

Does anyone have any experience getting catering in to MGM's SkyLofts? What about Aria's SkySuites? We didn't tour them but they seem to be on a similar playing field in terms of the experience (which I think would please the husband-to-be!)

Re: Aria SkySuites & MGM SkyLofts -- The Catering Conundrum!

  • We stayed at Aria SkySuites. Rooms are amazing. You have to show your keycard to get to the lifts, but technically you can give your card to anyone if you want them to have access to the room, personally sneaking in catering I think would be a problem, unless you use another entrance on the first floor, which doesn't have a guard (at least I haven't seen one during my stay) but you still need an access card to swipe it.

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    That's what I was worried about. :( I've been in correspondence with the SkyLofts and they even have an unpacking/packing service so you can't even smuggle a bunch of wine in through a suitcase.
  • We carried a few six packs past the guard without thinking about hiding them at all and that wasn't a problem, there was a fridge in the room where we kept a few beers and a bottle of champagne for 2 days, no one mentioned anything. I'm sure you can mention you don't want the unpacking service and sneak anything in the suitcases, just I think food delivered by obvious caterers with trolleys would be the problem.

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