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Moody Monday

Good morning, ladies!

Apparently I had a dream that I wanted to bring a leftover turkey burger for lunch but they weren't in the fridge and when I asked H, he said he ate them all so I was annoyed. I was still annoyed this morning as I was packing my stuff for work. When I was on the train, I started to wonder if that conversation ever happened so I texted him and he has no idea what I'm talking about, thus the "apparently I had a dream...." start to this paragraph. The leftover turkey burgers are definitely sitting in the fridge, at home. 

My weekend was so AMAZING. 

@audrewuh arrived late on Thursday and we stayed up drinking and chatting. Friday, we spent the day laying in Central Park and then I headed home to get stuff for my mini BBQ. @GoldenPenguin and her H came over and we all ate and drank and watched the Rangers get their asses kicked in game 7 (mwahahahaha, sorry @peaseblossom55). The girls and I stayed up drinking and chatting when the guys went to bed. 

On Saturday, I got up and made breakfast for everyone because I'm a classy hostess like that (aka I wasn't hungover) and then we all got on the road and headed out to Long Island. We went to lunch and then met @csousa1, @buddysmom80 and her H at the hotel and got ready together as per usual. 

You. Guys. @hummingbird125 was SO stunning. Everything was absolute perfection. I cried like a baby during the ceremony (H literally turned to me and told me to get a hold of myself), especially when they read their vows which they wrote themselves. We played corn hole and ate amazing BBQ food and drank and danced our butts off. Everything was just so gorgeous, our girl did such an awesome job! I want to show you all but like with GoldenPenguin's wedding, I don't want to steal her thunder so you will have to wait until she gets back from her HM :) 

Yesterday, we all had breakfast together, H and I dropped off @audrewuh at the airport and we headed home. H's friends came over and we watched the Jurassic Park marathon and cooked up some burgers and dogs and then I went to sleep super early because I'm an old lady. 

It's rainy and gross out today. There's already lot of flooding in the area and it's supposed to rain all day/night and again tomorrow so that's just lovely. I wish I was still in bed! 

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Re: Moody Monday

  • Morning ladies!!

    My weekend was full of much-needed quiet.  After the insanity of the move last week I desperately needed some time off.

    Saturday I went to yoga class in the morning and missed 2 calls from Mr. H in the process, which was frustrating.  Then I came home and had a lazy day for the rest of the day.  Sunday was practically the same...had church in the morning, went to the gym in the afternoon, and then took a hot bath and finished reading Outlander. It was so good--I'm going to have to pick up the next book in the series soon.  Now that I'm done with school, I'm enjoying getting to read for fun again!

    Today promises to be a bit busier.  I'm headed to the gym for kickboxing here in a bit (I'm on a serious workout kick these days, trying to lose the 10 pounds I put on while writing the dissertation).  Then Mom and I plan to work on cleaning out the pantry and going through some old books, and maybe going to Lowe's to look at paint colors.  I'm painting all of my mismatched wood furniture so that my new apartment in Georgia will be coordinated--lots of gray and white, with hints of pink, yellow, and turquoise for the living room/dining room/kitchen area, with lots of royal blues and pops of red upstairs in the bedroom.  The entire bedroom and bathroom area is going to be decorated using Turkish tile designs as a theme (I'm attaching a couple pictures below).  I've loved these ever since I went to Turkey four years ago, and I have a small collection of tiles themselves that I want to display.  I'm not ashamed at all for basing the entire decoration of half of my apartment around tiles... (Although I am glad Mr. H is colorblind...I never have to worry about if he's going to like the color combinations or not!  As long as there is a comfy bed and pictures of us around, he's happy.)

    I've also got some other errands to do today--Monday is the day I mail a care package to Afghanistan, so I need to run by the post office, and then go grocery shopping with my Dad.  One of the best parts of living with my parents for the next 2 months is the fact that I don't have to buy groceries!
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  • @hummingbird125, congratulations!

    Friday night I got to knit for a few hours. Saturday ... I think I did housework? Sunday I had a proposal to review and they hadn't paid any attention to the guidelines, so it was a rough review. Today should be fairly quiet, especially since I used almost 25% of my hours for the week yesterday. I'll work on some homework - I've got a LabVIEW program that's supposed to call Matlab, but Matlab won't open. I'll try again on another computer and see whether it's the computer or my program.

    Tomorrow they're forecasting severe weather all day and night, so I'm thinking I won't be sleeping much then. I'm hoping to bank some sleep today.

    H and I are hooked on Crash Course. In the last week, we've binge-watched World History I and US History, both of which I'd already seen. I think we'll do World History II next.
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  • I can't believe it's Monday already :-( The weekend went by way too fast.  It's rainy and icky out a perfect day to call out of work and crawl back under the covers.  Alas I am at work

    As @swazzle mentioned Friday was not a good night at our house, watching the Rangers lose.  Oh well.  H is way more devasted than I am.  Saturday was my niece's dance recital, she was really good,  but the thing was 4 hours long. I was exhausted and not feeling well, after we went out to dinner, but it was a long day. I was annoyed I didn't get any studying done either. 

    Sunday the IL's came over and helped us plant our new garden, we put in a lot of perrinials this year and I love it.  We added columbine, chinese peonies, salvia, foxglove and some impatients along the edge.  I love it,  It was hot and tiring being out there for so long.  I got a little sunburnt but nothing too bad. After that I napped for awhile, H & I ran errands.  I got some studying done and we watched GOT. 

    The weekend wound up being busier than I expected and I didn't get as much studying done as I could.  At least I have no plans this week and I can focus on that at night now.


  • @Labro lol! That's perfect!
  • @TwoDimes TWO MONTHS!! Where has time gone?!?
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    @TwoDimes TWO MONTHS!!!!! Will I be receiving my invitation soon? ;)

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  • @Blue I just messaged you about next week!!!
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  • Good morning, ladies!

    I am at home because the intense sunburn I got hiking on Mt. Hood yesterday is making me feel feverish (even though it is probably just the bright red skin on my face). So the dog and I are chilling. I'm going to try not to move so as not to irritate the burns on my legs and arms.

    Just popping in to say hi. Didn't really do anything too exciting this weekend. :)

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    @Blue & White Long time no see!

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  • Everyone had such fun weekends!  I can't wait for @Hummingbird125's AW after her HM.

    H was sick sick sick all weekend.  Friday we went out for lunch and got groceries, and then he didn't leave the bed or couch after that until he left for work this morning.  Thankfully he's feeling better today.  I kept rubbing his chest and head with eucalyptus oil, and had him take a detox bath every day, and breath steam with tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil.  I guess it helped!

    Anyway, Friday we took a nap and then just watched Netflix.  Saturday, he laid around and slept/watched soccer and I went to my brother's birthday lunch...  I had to do 2 work outs so I didn't feel awful about eating cake and homemade ice cream!!  Sunday, I went to church and then cleaned the house, did laundry, exercised, read, and slept.  Not very exciting!

    Tonight I have a run scheduled...  hope it goes better than my last one on Thursday.  That was a TERRIBLE run.
  • @labro we have key loggers at work lol soooo I basically just lurk on my phone occasionally. Boring :)
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  • Good morning guys!

    I don't have much to say about my weekend because it was pretty boring. I nearly walked out of work on Saturday because my continuously nasty coworker had the balls to actually speak to me as a lesser human being than him. I literally shouted "what is WRONG with you!!" and he didn't speak to me for the rest of the day so that was good. Anyway I was an extra person and I had a short shift so if he had continued to be abusive I would have just left. But that's all fine because MY BOSS IS BACK FROM VACATION TODAY!!!! I missed her so much. I can't wait to see her. These last two weeks have been HELL for me.

    Yesterday after work I took a trip to Michaels to buy TWO things. My friend and I are making tshirts for our Taylor Swift concert in less than two weeks so I needed that paper you can print on and iron onto a shirt, and stencils and black spray paint for clothes so I could put words on it. Well, then I saw these canvas shoes and all my ideas hit me like a ton of bricks so an hour later I was walking out of the store with WAY more than two things lol oops! But Michaels is like my heaven so I take no responsibility... I blacked out :P

    I think I'm subconsciously searching for like a really fun, time consuming hobby. I want to stay occupied so I don't stress about work too much when I'm not there, and about engagement stuff because like five of my friends got married this past month and I've been daydreaming a lot and I just need something else to do lol. BF isn't helping, the other day he said something and I didn't hear what he said and he was like "oh don't worry, you'll know later." and I KNOW it had something to do with marriage because we were talking about a friend I knew in kindergarten who got married the other day. And also he opened up the can of worms called "wants his horrible friends to be the godparents of our nonexistent, far off into time and spacec children" OUT OF NOWHERE. Super suuuuppppeeerrrr nOT HELPING.
  • Morning everyone! Possibly my last post for the week.

    @labro hahaha that poor dog 

    @southernpeach89 There's nothing wrong with relaxing all weekend! 

    @hummingbird125 enjoy your honeymoon! Can't wait to see all the pictures!!

    @twodimes Two months!! 

    @futuremrshistorian You must aw everything you paint!

    So I used the epoxy paint and painted the tub this weekend.  It took forever because the stuff paints like glue. The fumes were also horrible, that a mask and goggles didn't even help.  I had to keep going outside because it was making me dizzy. It dried streaky and there's not enough left to do another coat.  Supposedly there is a spray version so we're going to try to get that so we can get rid of the streaks.   

    I'm dropping my car off at shop tonight.  Ever since the wheel came off, the suspension doesn't feel right.  And now it shakes at 60mph.  After that I need to finish packing and then pack all of my bf's clothes. We have to be on the road by 1:00pm at the latest tomorrow.  

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  • @untouchablets is it healthy for you to not like your SO's friends so much or am I reading that sentence wrong?

    And yes yes crafting is kinda crack lol I love it but I have such crafting indecision. I always have like ten crafts going on at once. Sometimes I finish them :)
    I guess, to tell you the truth, I've never had much of a desire to grow facial hair. I think I've managed to play quarterback just fine without a mustache. - Peyton

  • @untouchablets is it healthy for you to not like your SO's friends so much or am I reading that sentence wrong? And yes yes crafting is kinda crack lol I love it but I have such crafting indecision. I always have like ten crafts going on at once. Sometimes I finish them :)
    sorry, I was being pretty dramatic when I called BF's friends horrible. I should have thought that through, I actually like spending time with them buutttt they're not the best decision makers. And I actually really don't like his BEST friend, but that's after almost six years of trying to get along with him and him not making it easy in the slightest. If he wants me to spend time with them I will but if he'd rather hang out with them on his own I am happy to sit it out lol.
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  • @minskat30 - I think she's mad at us because we left her again this weekend! We picked her up on Tuesday, and left her again on Friday. Hopefully some good quality time with her this week (extra snuggles, naturally) will make her feel better. 


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  • Awwww, @GoldenPenguin.  Too cute.  Poor poor Vi.  I'm sure you'll make up for it.  ;)
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    @hummingbird125 CONGRATULATIONSSSSS!!!

    @goldenpenguin We did "Union" too and OH MY GOD IT MAKES ME CRY ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Like, I cried during our rehearsal because of it. What a great reading.

    My weekend was SO MEH.

    13-hour day on Friday, which sucked anyway, but what was worse was that my second western didn't work. It might have worked if I'd done an overnight step, but I couldn't come in on Saturday (and the step can't go longer than overnight).

    Saturday was the bridal shower I had to go to. It was SUPER meh anyway, but opening the gifts was pretty crappy. The couple is registered on a couple websites but they have a gofundme for their honeymoon, so they didn't want physical gifts (so why register?!). The bride doesn't cook, but because the groom does, they did register for a bunch of kitchen stuff and cookware. But the bride was really confused and almost irritated that she was opening all these gifts and it was all cookware! She barely said thank you the whole time. It was kind of appalling.

    Sunday, I basically slept the entire day. Seriously. Slept till early afternoon, napped in the evening, and still went to bed at my normal time. Clearly, I needed to catch up.
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  • @eilis1228 - That's a great tip! I wish I had ice cube trays :(

    @phira- It is so infuriating when you take the time to pick out a nice gift for someone and they can't even pretend to appreciate it. Fuck that noise. I have a sister like that. She'll just first off tell you why she won't use something, rather than even saying thank you first.

    But hey, here's a picture of the mountain as we were going up it. We were hiking in snow but I was plenty warm in just shorts and a t shirt!

  • @minskat30 we're going to Colorado for my bf's cousin's wedding. 

    Here's what the tub looks like right now. 
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