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Wedding Woes

In good news, my dog doesn't hav a scary cancer, she has...A skin condition I can't spell

which I'm not even going to try to spell because the Mr. telling it to me over the phone didn't make me quite catch the name of it.  But, treatable w/ topical meds, YAY.

 Apparently it's common in older male dogs (she's got the older part) and retrievers (uh...maybe?  Besides pitty we have guessed lab)

(And I don't think I had mentioned 'crap, she has a growth" because I was trying not to over-react.  Which, obviously, I was still doing internally).
And she's got a yeast infection in her ears.

And we still don't' have a good answer to why she's going bald--we're still in 'wait and see once there's summer weather' holding pattern on that.

And she'll probably have to be in a cone, since she keeps making it all raw and awful.

We know how to pick 'em, moneypits, all of our pets.  :-P

Re: In good news, my dog doesn't hav a scary cancer, she has...A skin condition I can't spell

  • YAY for no cancer. 

    Boo to money pit pets that you can't help but love.  ;) 
  • Yay, Dawg!  I'm glad she's okay and it's a simple treatment.  

    I swear, I still have anxiety now whenever something seems wrong with one of the dogs and we have to go to the vet, so I know how you feel internally.
  • I'm glad your puppy doesn't have cancer! It's always good to get news like that.

    I know what you mean about the money thing, though.... Offered to foster a kitten for a guy who lives in barracks an found the cat. He has a limp, so I took him to the vet and it turns out he broke his femur and our choices were get rid of him and let someone else deal with it (cheapest), amputate (less expensive option when keeping him), or have a surgery to pull the ends of the bone and pin them together (expensive).

    So he's sitting in my lap, purring away, stitches clearly standing out against his shaved legs. And I have no more wedding savings (not that I had much), but I wouldn't trade this for the world.

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