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couple of things

so best moments ever.... 7 weeks  of crazy clean up, prep, etc 4 days of amazing friends and ready making, my make up lady told me 4 times i HAD to go shower (we diy'ed it at our house - oh boy),  but wow totally wonderful and several people told me they teared up (in our group that is SUPER unusual)  -

I bought a dress that i did not wear (minor alterations but not worn) i know there is a classified section but how do i price this to sell and make the most of it back ????
 - Please don't get me wrong it's a lovely dress with simple details and a fun kick but it simply did not make me feel like the most beautiful luckiest woman in the world.  (yes i bought it, yes i felt pressured to find a dress, but i did honestly think it would be ok unitl it simply wasn't ok at all.)  I started making a dress and brilliantly my mom was able to finish it for me so i was not naked and felt AMAZING!

my husband is wonderful and our friends and family leave me humbled and the party f-in rocked!!! so all is well and my world could not be sweeter then right now!  - well maybe the next 50 years but now is so beautiful!

Thanks for the help on the pricing thing...

Re: couple of things

  • Okay, so, you're trying to sell a dress you never wore, but altered minorly, yes? If that's the case, you will not be able to sell it at retail. No one wants to pay full price for second-hand, even if it's still got the tags on, and especially if it's been altered (alterations are specific for a person's size, after all). So, I would say post it on Craigslist or wonderful wedding classified boards and websites with about 10% of the price knocked off. So, your $1000 dress, for instance, should go for $900. And be prepared to haggle.

    Glad you had a great day!
  • Thanks I was ready to knock 15% - 20% off since i did have some minor alterations done but if i can start at 10% and go from there thats great!
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