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Okay, I've seen a lot of posts about bridesmaid gifts, but most just seem to be a debate on personal vs. generic gifts. I am planning to get gifts based on their personalities, but I'm stuck. I am thinking of getting each on alcohol that they like, so beer for one, vodka for one, champagne for one, and wine for one. I was also thinking gift cards as I like to get those, but I'm worried their not personal. So here are some of their interests:
1. Brews her own beer, but has supplies for that. She's in grad school for architecture, she likes to cook but has a small apartment, does her nails a lot.
2. Outdoorsy, hikes, camps, pretty health conscious. Also a grad student in social work.
3. A mom, has a 4 year old and an adorable newborn. Likes natural, cruelty free products, cooks a lot, lives in a small town about 4 hrs from us so a gift card would be harder for her.
4. Works as a social worker, likes local music, dive bars, just bought her first house but hasn't moved in yet so nothing huge she has to pack, going to Europe right after the wedding.

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