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Doing my DIL duties today

We tried to go to MIL's to swim twice. Both were bad weather and she's been wanting us to go back.  I compromised and invited her here this week.  She comes today.

First 6let has a dentist appointment and I'M DROPPING OFF BUILDING PERMITS.  This deserves yelling because after that it's only 3-5 business days to hear!  We could actually start breaking ground!

Re: Doing my DIL duties today

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    Have fun!  Are you making Lime Fluff for lunch?

    (YAY for turning in building permits, I hope they are dealt with quickly!)
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    DefConn had a terrible night last night, since he knew it was back to daycare.  He threw the biggest fit ever at bedtime (of course it was the first time that he had gone to bed 'on time' in almost 2 weeks).  I mean I thought he was going to hyperventilate or throw up because he was crying so hard and then he was up twice after that just crying and saying, "I just want to be with yooooouuuuu!!" 

    I bribed the shit out of him this morning so that he didn't cry at daycare drop off.  I was too tired to deal with it since I was the one up with him last night. 

    DH went back to work.  He ended up going to the minute clinic yesterday and he has an ear infection.  Thankfully it was not the flu.  

    I just have the kiddo to get back to school. He has clothes, shoes, some supplies.  I just need to get him folders with 3 holes punched through them so he can put them in his binder.  DH took him to the HS yesterday to find his locker and classes, since we missed freshman orientation due to being on vacation. 
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    I am a little put out with Mr. Heff today.  Whenever we're scheduling kid stuff, he's always 100% on board.  And then the day-of arrives, and he strops like crazy.  I had to lead a training session at work this morning for customer service, and it had to start at 7:30 because at 8:00, they start taking calls.  We discussed this last week.  The customer service manager, who is awesome, knows we're juggling kids back and forth and DH has to get Uptown, so she gave me two possible days and said to pick whichever worked best.  I talked to DH, he picked today.  Fine.  Good.  He drops DS at DC on the way to the train with DD--and since DD's camp starts at a fixed time every day, it's not even like he was going to be any later today, just that they'd have to leave 15-ish minutes earlier than usual to drop DS.

    Well, this morning he's grumping around, muttering about everything he has to do, "I don't have time for this."  Because it's only time consuming when he has to do it?  I get that he has job stress, but then don't say "Oh, yeah, Tuesday's good, no problem" if you're then going to be a Grumpy Fish the day of.
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