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Fountainbleau - Need a wedding planner?

I will be planning a spring 2017 wedding at the Fontainebleau in Miami and am trying to decide whether I want to hire a wedding planner.  On the one hand, I live in NYC so having someone on the ground in FL would be great.  Also, I am not the most creative person and think that I will really need help 
brainstorming ideas for flowers, invitations, etc.  

That being said, I know Miami wedding planners can be very expensive, especially those who are considered "preferred" vendors at the Fontainebleau.  Additionally, I have a strong connection with a top employee at the venue, and I expect that she will be able to really help me get the best rates for the ceremony, reception and room blocks.

Given my connection and the fact that the Fontainebleau provides a Venue Coordinator, is it a waste of money to hire a full-service planner?  Or, do you think I could negotiate a reduced rate with a planner given that I already have my venue picked out and will be handling some of the negotiations myself?

Thanks so much!

Re: Fountainbleau - Need a wedding planner?

  • I know a planner who is not over the top expensive and they are from New york they did my wedding in florida at the club at boca, they ladies are fabulous they creative mines is something to talk about. speak to them and you will get a great price. image i believe they would give you a great discount since you already have the venue and i think you still will need someone do to the fact that the day of coordinator is not responsible for you really, they there for the venue and making sure their staff do not mess up, your own personal day of coordinator is there from helping with your bridesmaid, flower girls,  making sure you are good the whole day no matter what you need they will do. i had a planner and they came with a coordinator and they help set up breakfast for the ladies, made sure everyone was on time did the rehearsal dinner, run through at the venue when i say EVERYTHING they do EVERYTHING and the amount they charge me was less than what i was finding in the 1000s. i would recommend them 

    LaRosa Event, LLC

    tell them you were referred from the knot for a discount 
  • Hi etl5!

    Congratulations on your decision to get married at the Fountainbleu. I'd love to offer you some advice on hiring a planner. First, you definitely have the right idea with wanting to hire a planner in Florida if you're in NYC. Your planner will be able to meet with vendors and do site visits in your absence. I think given your mentioned concern for not being creative and needing assistance with flower and invitation design, that's an additional bonus you'll get help with if you hire a planner. Since you have your venue picked out and you'll be able to negotiate rates with your connection at the Fountainbleu, planners have different packages and can customize one depending on what vendors you've already booked.

    If you're still looking for a planner I'd love to recommend Alexa at Long Aisle Events and Design. She's originally from New York! You can email her at [email protected]

    Good luck with your planning and congratulations!! 
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