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Wedding Woes


Finally!  But I do have to work tomorrow.  :(

And then tomorrow night is the thing with DH's work people.  Blah.

Sunday is family day with my parents/sisters.  Woo! 

I had to be up early to take the kiddo to school early to do some stuff. Waking up early sucks. 

What's up for your weekend?

Re: Friday

  • We're going to a cool speaker's event tomorrow with a bunch of friends. Lots of science and skepticism and seeing people in the greater community that I love.  Sunday I REALLY need to try and put my house back into some semblance of order.

    Also, I was paid such a huge compliment last night.  Someone who has become a dear friend said that my group and the community we've created was what had allowed her to come into her own and embrace her identity as a non-believer and be comfortable with it.  

  • I need to go to Target when Son finishes mowing and tonight we have to go to Sam's.

    Tomorrow we're going to our friends' house for dinner and drinks.  We haven't been able to hang out with them for a while like this so I'm looking forward to it.  

    School starts on Monday for Son and DD1 and Thursday for DD2.  We had all their open houses last night and they're all excited about starting, even Son.  He saw a lot of friends he hadn't seen over the summer and knew most of the kids in his locker hallway.  Still can't believe he's in high school now.

  • Not sure on weekend plans really.

    Tonight I'd like to go spend some of my Bday GC at Ulta.  I haven't gone cosmetics shopping in aaaggess.  I probably will only allow myself a few things and they'll be more of the skincare variety.

    I also need to buy hangers because H's side of the closet is getting larger.  WTF, dude?

    Also also---yard work.  Can it be over yet?
  • 6fsn6fsn
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    DH is off today.  I had a mom meeting this am and I don't know what else is up for the day.

    Tomorrow he's taking the kids to his dad's.  I'm getting a facial and massage then we're going to a Crew game.  Sunday I have a dinner for PSR volunteers. 

    Monday pasta making, Tuesday soccer, Wednesday Math night, Thursday-Sunday parish festival.

  • @ftrMrs0 I just hit up Ulta yesterday.  I'm trying some of the "buy this instead of that" suggestions.

    Revlon Airbrush foundation instead of MUFE.  It's okay.  It's doable.  It's $10 and not $40.  The color is pretty good, but it doesn't go on as smooth or as light as MUFE did.

    The Revolon matching primer instead of Smashbox primer.  This one might not last, I do not like it.

    Gel liner from Maybelline instead of MAC.  LOVE this, might go back and get the black.  I don't like the brush they provided, but I have a nice brush so will use that.

    Milano (this from CVS) Luminoso instead of NARS Orgasm.  Okay, so this is the blush that is supposed to look good on everyone.  I've tried the NARS and took it back.  This one might not last either.  It's just so peach and I have yellow undertones.  This is also super bronze-y.  However, DH actually commented on it and seems to like it.  Maybe it's just so far out of my normal color palette that I'm not used to it.
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