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So very Monday

Good morning!!!  :) 

How was your weekend?

Mine was pretty damn great for the most part.  

Friday, I went to the store.  DH took the kiddo to the homecoming game.  We made dinner and just relaxed. 

Saturday, I worked a bit and then it was party prep time.  We had the best evening.  My dad was very surprised.  The food was excellent.  We got in some great visiting time with all of our friends and family.  I cannot wait to see the the pics SIL took. 

Sunday, we were up super early because DH nor I could sleep.  My sister's shower was also an amazing success. She got all sorts of cute tiny stuff.  Also, there were like, 5 babies at her shower and I got a a good fix.   DefConn and my sister's BFF's daughter made fast friends and were the designated present unwrappers.  It was adorable.  The boys and I went to my parents for dinner and to hang out with my grandparents one more time before their trip is over.  


Re: So very Monday

  • You looked like you had the best weekend.  :)

    It was quiet here.  I did a ton of work around the house Sat. so I could take the kids to this corn maze thing.  DH was working on a project and couldn't tear himself away from his laptop, so I took them solo.  It was warm, and got warmer.  DS wanted out of the wagon, then back in, out, in, lather-rinse-repeat.  DD lost interest after about 10 minutes.  Mosquitoes were biting me.  So we bailed and went to the play area, where everyone had more fun.  Got some ice cream, took a hayride.  DS fell asleep about 90 seconds after we got in the car again.

    Took the kids to the pool in the afternoon while DH made dinner.  The water was cold, IMO, but they were still really into it.  I called it a day when DD's teeth started chattering. 

    I leave for a work trip this evening.  I have to drive 2 hrs through BFE, and DH is going to try to get home early so I'm not driving some country road at 10:00 at night.
  • Soooo...Where is everyone today??  :) 
  • The party looked like fun this weekend!

    We had soccer and took 7let to Dave and Busters Saturday.  MIL came and then was annoyed when my folks came too.  Doubly annoyed when she left and they stayed for a  bit. 

    Sunday we did a little Target run for costumes and they got haircuts.  Then FIL came to finish taking the deck off. 

    I'm working out of the office today.  They're all doing some sort of ropes course/team building this afternoon.  I'm doing expense reports and trying to remember how to use a regular keyboard and mouse. DH is home because they are supposed to be digging today.  I have no pictures though so I'm either annoyed at DH for not sending them or the foundation guys for not being there.

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    Your MIL was annoyed because his grandparents wanted to spend time with him for his birthday?  Which was something she wanted to do as well?  Mmmkay. 
  • MIL had to leave to help sFIL announce the high school girls soccer game (I know right?).  This is where for some I reason I fell guilty she doesn't see them as long, but I have to remind myself SHE is the one making something else a priority. 

    If you recall, MIL recently had an accident where she claims the car "just moved" and she hit a brick wall.  She drove my mom from one field to the next.  It was literally 3 left turns and a right into a park.  MIL got lost and ran off the road 3 times because she was looking at the GPS.  Even thought my mom was there to navigate and they were following DH. 

    Sidenote: One of 6let's baseball games was rained out and everyone came back to the house.  M2 put on her jammies and asked MIL if she would stay and have a pj pizza party.  They left to go buy that GPS.  Mind you they weren't going to have to stay later and they have a Best Buy in their town AND they have maps on their phone.  I hate that stupid 6" gps.

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