Wedding Woes

No Wednesday post? It's HUMP DAY!

I think I might forever associate the Geico camel commercial with Wednesday.

How is everyone?

I am sick. I have a small cold but for some reason my voice is gone (I'm not really coughing and I have no sore throat). Which sucks because I have several meetings today.

I found out Monday that I have to go to Seattle for work in about 10 days. I would be irritated at the last minute notice, but man am I ready. I love my family but I need a break from them. There is some associated drama with it but I don't care.

Otherwise, everything is same as usual around here. DS loves kindergarten, DD is a hellion. We are switching daycare for DD the week I'm gone which will be interesting for DH. I'm sad to leave our current provider but it was a hour round trip each day for just that.

Re: No Wednesday post? It's HUMP DAY!

  • I just placed an order for some baseball things for son for xmas.  I always get pumped to find such good deals.  He's got some good stuff coming.  I think this is our best year deal-wise.

    Today is wacky hair wednesday at DD1's school for homecoming week.  She wanted to look like a unicorn so we went to pinterest.  She is now at school with her hair bobby pinned and hairsprayed all to hell around a cardstock cone.  I doubt it stays in all day.  Her teacher emailed me to let me know she loved it.

    I'm getting hungry and don't feel like making anything.

  • The unicorn hair is AWESOME!

    I just bought a shitton of food and now have to deal with it.  I made a quinoa salad for the first time ever and it's awesome.  I'm probably going to eat more than I should.

    The digger showed up today, knocked over a few bushes and the driver is gone again.

    Tonight we get to squeeze psr, dinner, soccer, and travel time into 3 hrs.  Should be interesting since he also has homework to do.

  • @taw - i loved the hair, and the fact that the school is encouraging it. 

    it reminded me of an article that I saw the other day about a Native American boy who was punished (sent home? suspended?) for coming to school with a mohawk. they basically forced him to get a certified letter from tribal leaders to say that there was cultural significance to his haircut before it was allowed. the only reason that kid's haircut was a distraction was because the school turned it into one. 
  • I hate stories like that, barbie.

    The hair didn't stay all day.  I knew it wouldn't.  Her hair is just too long and heavy for things like that.  It won't even keep a mesh bun donut in.

    But she did say that everyone thought her hair was the best.  There was a teacher who had really crazy hair (she made it all stand up straight) but the kids liked DD1's.  While I can't take any credit for it because I ran to pinterest for execution, DD1 had an idea I'd have never thought of.

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