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I want to know what other events she's barred him from attending.

Dear Prudence,
My wife made it very clear that she didn’t want me to go to her high school class reunion with her. Tonight she called a girlfriend who she went to high school with to make plans for the reunion. She talked about where they should go out to dinner, and then she started talking about two guys T. and B. While she didn’t say that they were going to go out to dinner with them she mentioned the guys in the same conversation. I wasn’t eavesdropping—she was in the same room as I was in. It’s been driving me crazy that she doesn’t want me to come to her reunion. Now after her phone call I’m almost physically sick. If I mention to her how I feel, she’ll accuse me of being jealous and insecure. Am I jealous and insecure?

—Sincerely Confused

Re: I want to know what other events she's barred him from attending.

  • She mentioned the two guys in the same conversation?!  That slut!

    TBH, I wouldn't want to go anywhere with this guy.  Ever.
  • I wonder why she doesn't want him at her high school reunion?  That seems odd. Either he's leaving something out/being overly sensitive or she's doing something that creating this situation/his feelings.

    I stamp this a, "I need more info."
  • TBH - DH & I didn't go to eachother's class reunions this year...  I told DH "You know no one there, there's going to be 20 of us at a bar, and we'd be the only sober ones..  It doesn't pay for you to take off of work..." and for his he told me "It's outdoors, it's going to be hot out with potential for rain, it's at a bar that's way too undersized for our class, and everyone that you know you already know isn't coming because you've chatted with them on facebook...  doesn't pay to hire a sitter..."

    But the thing is, it was a mutual decision that "you can go if you REALLY want to, but I know you're going to be miserable..." independently...

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