Wedding Woes

YAY Friday!

It's going to be a beautiful day.  

We don't have much planned for the weekend.  We may go out tonight, but we'll see how we feel after work.  Mr. Conn and I are pretty tired today.  I guess my IL's are coming over tomorrow.

I'm just happy to not have to wake with an alarm tomorrow.  This week has felt very long. 

What's up for your weekend?

Re: YAY Friday!

  • Tonight I'm on my own as DH is working overnight.  I'm not sure what I have planned.

    Tomorrow afternoon we are going to a travel show on Alaska Cruises.  We'd like to take one for our 10th anniversary next year. 

    Sunday DH is working during the day and I have church stuff in the morning.  Then I need to go over to my Mom's apartment and help her get ready for new carpet next week.  We need to take all her furniture and anything else on the floor out.  She has tile in the kitchen and bath so we'll get as much as we can in those small rooms.  The rest is going down the hall to a little storage room.  Then move it all back later in the week.
  • Yay is right.  Go Friday!  It's cool and rainy and dreary here, but my office is cozy, anyway.  I kind of like the fall-ishness of it, though I'm sure I'll be over it soon enough.

    Tomorrow is busy.  Wooz has riding at 11:00 (rain or shine, they just reminded us--ugh), playdate with one of her afterschool friends at 1:00, and swim eval. at 4:00.  I really hope she passes to the next swim level.  She's been in this one since the spring, and DH and I think she's ready to move up.  Plus, she has a lot of DH in her--when she doesn't pass to the next level, she's really hard on herself.  It's tough to see, and we're working on it, but she'd be so happy if she moved up.  I think Saturday night is going to be takeout/crash.

    Sunday the weather forecast is still iffy, so I'm thinking baking and making the kids clean up the playroom.  Again.  Sigh.  But admittedly, if the weather is nice we may completely abandon those plans and do something outside instead.
  • i'm working today, but my computer is still working at getting everything re-installed, so i can't do much of anything. 

    today is DK's birthday, so we're going out for a date, tonight. Brazilian meat coma - yum. 

    tomorrow/sunday: ? maybe going in the pool for a bit. I'll have to check the water and turn on the heater if it's gotten too cool. we'll also have to do laundry and get stuff packed up for our trip to Philly next week. we don't leave until Thursday am, but it will still be nice to have almost everything done in advance. 
  • I have been to Target and Aldi this morning.  Now I need to get some work done.

    We have soccer and baseball all weekend.  Thank goodness it's coming to an end soon.  I need a break.

  • I get the worst mom of the month trophy right here. DS's school requires you to order lunches by the 24th of the month. Well, I did the order online and thought I got through the checkout but I didn't. I realized it this morning when I didn't have a confirmation email and of course, it's too late now.

    This weekend should be good. DS has a birthday party of Saturday, then he and DH are going out to dinner with FIL, DH's brothers, and his ex stepMIL (also our realtor) as a thank you to ex stepMIL for her help with buying this house. Sunday we've got nothing which is good because I need to run to the mall to exchange something at Sephora and I'd like to look for a new pair of pants for my work trip.
  • Tomorrow I've got a volunteer event and Sunday I have a convention thing to be at.  

    Other than that, I've got quite a bit of work to start on for an upcoming convention in November, but it's fun stuff.  Nothing too pressing or important.  I'm hoping to relax a bit.  We're saving next weekend for yard work.

  • DH is working late tonight.  I'm having a happy hour bus stop.

    Tomorrow is soccer and concrete.

    Sunday fishing and maybe Costco.  We also have an indoor basketball hoop to put together.

    In an effort to make room for said basketball hoop I'm purging.  $32 at Half Priced Books, $15 b/s/t groups.  Purging used to be fun, but now it just feels never ending.

  • 6, I think the most I've ever got back for books was $5. I don't read enough or what I'm reading is not on the hot list.:)
  • I had 1 bag of books, 2 bags of VHS (?) and a bag of games and puzzles and DVDs.  Some things were unopened so that probably upped the cause.

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