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I was having my morning pee (TMI, I know) and through the vent in the bathroom I hear the kiddo say, "Hey dad!" And then I hear DH's voice.  He had forgotten his phone. So that threw the whole morning off.  And then I went to put DefConn in the car and I bashed my elbow...And had a flashback to when I fractured it because I hit it that hard.  I cursed in front of DefConn, which I rarely do. It's still aching. 

We had exterminators out yesterday because we had a yellow jacket nest behind our soffitt outside the house.  We kept getting them in the house too.  Turns out that the seal around the window trim had cracked and there was a hole between the trim and the wall.  Those effers were getting in through the crack. DH caulked it up.  I swear, between all the water repair issues (don't get me started) and now this...we need to buy stock in a caulk company.  We've spent so much money in repairing shit around here...We haven't been able to get started on budgeting for the remodeling we want to do to the house. 

DefConn starts a soccer program at school.  He asked to do it.  I'm excited that he's doing it, but sad I won't be able to see the practice or games.  We need to go get him a soccer ball so he can show us what he's learning at home. 

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    Wooz was bodysnatched overnight.  That's the only way I can explain the fact that she was up, dressed, and ready to go at 6:07 this morning.  Even she said "Now you don't have to say 'Wooz, come on! Wooz, where are you? Wooz, you're going to miss the bus!'"  Also, it wasn't raining at the bus stop--something I used to take for granted, but which I was very thankful for today.

    Costco run at lunch.  Tell me not to buy Halloween candy.  It always seems like a good idea, until I end up eating it all between now and Halloween, piece by piece.

    My mother told my brother and me that she's meeting with someone from Social Security next week about retiring.  She was going to wait a few years, but she met with a financial advisor who said that she may get more as part of my dad's benefits, since they were married for a long time.  So she's going to hash that out next week and if the numbers are good, she's going to sell her house this spring, retire, and then substitute teach part-time.  It would be cool if she moved closer to us.

    And on that note, I did a quick Zillow search for townhouses near us and found this creeper.  I had to close the window, I was afraid his eyes would suck my soul out.
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    ETA IDK why the link isn't working.  :(
  • DH and I had a fight last night.  We yelled.  We've never yelled.  I feel drained today.

    MIL is coming for soccer games Saturday.  Games are 10 and 1:30.  Instead of having lunch with us she's going to the mall.  Have fun in that 30 mins of shopping.  My parents are coming later in the evening.  I'm kind of hoping they'll take us out, but the thought of a Saturday night with 7 people kinda stinks.

    I need to read for tonight's class and get dinner in the crock pot, do some work, and get soccer crap together.  I just want to snuggle and take a nap.  Instead I'm watching 5 guys standing in a hole in the backyard.

  • Good morning.

    I got my Wednesday work errands finished and had a quick breakfast.

    I need to make a list for the grocery store.  I only need a few things, but if I don't walk in with a list, I will walk out with way more than I need.

  • Work is killing me.  It's retreat time, so everyone is prepping to leave.  I have basically 1 assignment to do and it's not due until October 5.  I'm saving it for tomorrow so that I'm not going totally mad.

    I've got lots of group related stuff to do.  Full page ad to design, another banner to design, a photo slide show to design, note cards to design, etc.  We're doing a Bingo fundraiser for the Syrian refugees on the 28th and we're working on getting donations for prizes.  It's a fine line to walk between "let's have fun" and "raise money for horrific tragedy."  
  • Morning.  DH and I had a fight too last night and I'm exhausted. I was up early to bring DD to daycare, then got home for a teleconference, and am finally eating some damn breakfast. I'm having trouble with some stupid documents for work and it's making my life too difficult.

    DS had his first soccer practice yesterday. He loved it, which was good, but man a hour practice drained him and he was crabby. I had him in bed by 6:45 pm and he was out.
  • This is probably just my crankypants talking but.....MIL decided there wouldn't be much time to shop between games.  I invited her here for lunch and to hang out.  She responded I don't need to worry about feeding her, she'd just "pick up McDonald's for myself" and come over with it.  You ARE NOT walking in my house with your Happy Meal (what she always gets) and eating it in front of my kids. 

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