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Polaroids instead of Photo booth - Self serve or amateur photographer?

Hello all,

My fiance and I have been considering photo booths at our wedding. We love the idea but not really the cost or "style" of the ones we can afford.  We're considering doing a Polaroid station with a nice back drop.  We'd probably buy the camera and all the supplies.  I haven't done all my research but we'd like to have a timer set up if it's possible.

My question for anyone who's done something similar, is it realistic to have it self served? Or would you recommend hiring an amateur photographer to man the station?

My other question is...what's a reasonable offer to make a photographer per hour if we supply the camera and all supplies?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Polaroids instead of Photo booth - Self serve or amateur photographer?

  • MobKazMobKaz Chicago suburbs member
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    My son and his wife had a DIY Polaroid table.  There was a leather bound photobook, some markers/Sharpies, glue sticks, and the camera.  Guests were easily able to take pictures of themselves, or Couple A would have the couple behind them take their photo, and so on.  It was really very easy and successful.

    Our local library actually has a few Polaroid cameras to check out.  Before making any purchases, perhaps look into your public library.
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