Wedding Woes

V, that was some weirdness last night.

It's no surprise, but man. I turned during the rape scene. Too much, yo. I did like GaGa and Cathy Bates, though.

Re: V, that was some weirdness last night.

  • Oh great, a rape scene?  I'm glad I came in here.

    I'm still anxious to watch, just don't have time yet.
  • It seems like every year the first episode has something that makes me flinch.  Season 3 was so bad that I ended up not watching it. I still haven't watched Season 3 b/c it was just too much for me.

    If Amazon doesn't post this nonsense soon, I'll be co-opting a friend's log-in to see about watching FX a different way and watching the first episode.

    Also, if it makes you feel any better, the general consensus among my friends' statuses on FB was, "WTF did I just watch?!"  :D
  • Sorry, I assume you saw it. Yes, when things get a bit too graphic I always turn.
  • Yeah, I have to find  way to stream it.  Amazon usually posts it the next day, but for whatever reason it seems to take them a week to get the first episode.  Annoying.  Not annoying enough to get cable for real.  :D

  • It reminded me of  The Shining on steroids.


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