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Did you watch FTWD?  We haven't had time to watch the finale yet, but I guess it's just ok.  I don't know if it's because I really like TWD so much that nothing can live up to it or what.

I'm excited for TWD to start back up on Sunday.  Morgan finally showed up.  I want to see what happens with Father Gabriel.  Will Carol continue to be so hard core?  I've really missed it.  :)

Re: Nola - TWD/FTWD

  • Yes, I think it's the characters and lack of chemistry or something. I don't know. I will say the finale was action packed and the best episode of the six, but they are going to have to tweak some things for next season. TWD grabbed me from the start and I liked Rick from the beginning. Not so much with these characters.

    I will be ready with my snacks on Sunday.

  • I'm the same.  I liked Rick and loved to hate Shane from the start.  But I just don't like anyone in Fear.  The dad, Daniel, seems to have his game face on, but he's got some issues as well.
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