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Podcast people: Limetown?

Anyone listening to this?  I downloaded the first few episodes, but 15 minutes into the first, I'm not that into it.  Worth sticking with?

Re: Podcast people: Limetown?

  • No idea, but I did start listening to Serial Dynasty (which is changing to Truth and Justice with the next podcast).  

    They revealed in the most recent episode that there is a LOT of evidence that Don's time card, and therefore alibi, was faked. Don (and Jay) killing Hae makes a lot more sense than Adnan.  Trying to pin it on Adnan by accident or design also makes sense too.  Adnan is seriously the victim of the most perfect storm of horrific circumstances. 
  • Don and Jay?


  • Heffalump said:
    Don and Jay?


    That's just my theory after listening to the most recent podcast.  But yeah, Don's mom was the manager at the Lenscrafters where Don was supposedly working that day (which is what the timecard says and it may or may not be true). ANDPLUSALSO, Don's mom is now married to the manager of Don's 'home' store at the time. So his mom and now stepmom may have covered something up for him. 

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