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Yay for almost being on the downside of this week. 

DH has been in a mood the last 2 days.  IDK what his problem is, but he needs to snap out of it. 

It's new boot day.  I'm impatiently waiting for UPS to get here. 

I'm also wondering when the hell I'm going to get info on my anniversary gift from work.  My anniversary is Friday. 

Re: Wednesday

  • I'm so mad at my family  Not a single on of them listens and it's driving me batty.

    6let's coach emailed this morning that practice is moved to tonight.  Grrrrr  every week he changes it and just assumes it'll be ok.  I want to bail, but DH is a goody goody.

    We get our trusses tomorrow and framing starts Monday!

  • I'm just going to jump right in. I'm still trying to find my place here on TK.

    Hi all!

    @mrs.conn23 - What kind of boots are you getting? I love getting new shoes!

    @6fsn - Are you building a new house?

    I'm in a better mood today than I have been (so that's good for everyone). Saw my FIL last night. They drive me crazy, but I love them. The bathroom in my office is getting new flooring, super noisy and annoying.

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  • I got to waltz in mid-morning because DS's two year checkup was today.  He's sneaky:  I was unloading the dishwasher this a.m., maybe 5' away, and it suddenly dawns on me that he's saying "Sand...sand...sand."  Turn around, and he's standing on a chair, lid is off the canister, and he's sifting sugar through his fingers onto the counter (and floor).  But now he knows the word for sugar, so that's something.

    DH decided he wants to see his dad for Thanksgiving after all.  After much debate, we both decided we're too cheap to fly, so we're driving.  I'm pretty sure we'll regret it. 

    It is a picture perfect fall day here.  We're going to our favorite pumpkin farm after Wooz's riding lesson this Saturday.  Summer used to be my favorite season, but Wooz has persuaded me that fall is even better.
  • Oh, and we were Booed last night, so I have to run out and get stuff to Boo some other neighbors.
  • I have to do grocery shopping for taco soup, 2 lasagnas, brown the beef for the taco soup, and go to a meeting tonight.  

    I'm ready for this week to be over.  This weekend, I'm going to a retreat with one of my committees, which I am excited about.  The suite I'm staying in has a huge jacuzzi tub.  I've already told them I'm having a bubble bath and champagne at one point and they're all to leave me the hell alone.  :D
  • Still sick. DH and I had a huge fight last night over the damn washing machine and I also slept like crap. DS is home this week for Fall Break and it's Wednesday and I'm going crazy with him. On the flip, DD woke up in a wonderful mood this morning so here's hoping she's still like that after she gets home from daycare.

    I'm ready for the weekend. We're supposed to drive up north and go to a pumpkin patch, but it's showing rain in the forecast. I'm still tempted to go because I want to feel the cooler weather.
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    @ChelleJayne - tell us more about yourself. 

    It's our 9th anniversary today - wahoo! I got DK a gift card to Home Depot so he could get a chest freezer and start buying some supplies to build a kegerator. (I still have no idea where we'll put it, but I guess we'll figure it out eventually.)

    Work has been very busy lately - as evidenced by me stating this post 4 hours ago, and only posting now. I've been running numbers in excel all morning and have spent the rest of my time on the phone with our accounting helpdesk and one of our suppliers trying to sort out missing payments. This goes well beyond my job responsibilities, but since i oversee the contract employees they provide to us, so I want to make sure they get paid. 
  • This is one of the very rare occasions that the shoes I ordered online fit.  YAY!  

    What I ordered.  :) 


  • @mrs.conn23 - Those are both cute :)

    @*Barbie* - Congrats on 9 years!

    @Heffalump - I've never heard of "Booed". I just looked it up and it looks like so much fun!

    @PMeg819 - Hope you feel better.

    So a little about me. I'm getting married 11/12/16. FI and I are both 26 and our birthdays are 3 days apart. We have one furbaby, a cat named Morrigan. I've known FI since we were 16, but have only been together for 2.5 years. FI and I both work for the City here. I work in an office, he works outside. That sucks for him because it gets so hot here.

    I'm working on getting a degree in Business. I belong to a non-profit called Women with Willpower. We give women in our community a hand up, not a hand out. We are a one time financial assistance, sometimes we are a last resort.

    I'm the youngest of 4, I have 4 nephews and 2 Godsons. When I get married I will gain 2 nieces, I'm excited for that :)

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