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What kind of apartment can hold 40 people?

Dear Prudence,
For the past few years, my husband and I have thrown a Halloween party in our home. I like to go all out and make it a really fun experience for our guests. We usually invite about 40 people, which is about all our apartment can comfortably accommodate. My husband has a lot of friends from his early 20s when he used to party and go clubbing all the time. They are nice people, but I find some of them to be lacking in the manners department. They are now in their 30s, but they have arguments in the bathroom, get way too drunk, and show up with uninvited guests whom we don’t know. Last year, a friend showed up after midnight with three people who looked strung out, and I didn’t like them having free rein over my home. I don’t mind if people bring a guest, as long as they ask first. What is a polite way for me to try to ensure this doesn’t happen again?


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