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Dr. FIL is weirding me out

Dear Prudence,
I am a woman expecting my first child with my husband of three years. My husband’s father is a family doctor but used to deliver babies many years ago. I have always found the openness between my husband and his father concerning any and all medical issues strange, but just chalked it up to not ever having a doctor in the family. However, we just told him that we are expecting, and he went straight into doctor-mode with me, making me very uncomfortable. He asked many questions about my uterus, told me many gruesome details about pregnancy and childbirth, and even went in to feel my stomach to see if my uterus was expanding! While nothing he does is outside the scope of what would go on in a doctor’s office, I still get such a creepy vibe from it. I freaked out a little and shut the conversation down when I can. My husband thinks I am incredibly rude and that he is just a doctor relating to me the only way he knows. To me he is simply “father-in-law.” I know he has good intentions, but I’m still uncomfortable and hate that my husband doesn’t see things from my point of view. How do I manage the rest of this pregnancy in a way that we can all keep the peace?

—No Touchy

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