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What's up for the weekend?

We have our FINAL soccer games.  Kind of sucks the times are noon and 12:45 so we have to split up.  We also have a bday party at 1.  Sunday I'm taking M2 to see a Disney princess show.  I got her a new dress and told her I'd blow dry her hair.  Dh and 6let are going to a Crew game.

I'm hoping to get our bookcases painted too, but I doubt it will happen.

I found one of my teacher Christmas add-on gifts yesterday.  I do a gift card, small hand sanitizer, and this year will also be some chocolate dipped pretzels. My brother took the initiative and threw out dates for Christmas.  Maybe there won't be drama this year.

Re: Friiiiiiiday!!

  • Thank you, Jesus!!!!!!

    It's going to rain the entire weekend here, so probably just lay low.

  • Yay its Friday!

    Last night I did a 4 hour Traffic School in an hour and a half. I was special and got a speeding ticket going to Vegas last month. Also, went down the local main drag for the annual Run to the Sun Car Show. Ran into my aunt and uncle that I didn't know where going to be there. It was nice to see them.

    Today I get to go pick up my Star Wars Blu-rays so FI and I can binge watch tomorrow.

    Saturday, I have a fundraiser meeting and then binge watching Star Wars.

    Sunday, I get to meet with my first florist for the wedding! I'm nervous and excited at the same time. Thankfully my mom and FI will be there. Then afterwards, FI and I are going to go have breakfast with FI's Goddaughter and her mom. That should be fun. His Goddaughter is going to be 2 in December.

    I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)  

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  • Last night I got the girls' costumes mostly finished. I just need to whip up a veil for the zombie bride.  I had to get them finished because we're going to Boo at the Zoo on Sunday.

    I got some more good toy deals on amazon and at target today.

    Today is the end of the 1st quarter so they have early out.  Everyone will be home by 12:30.
  • @tawillers please to be sharing the deals. I'm kinda sorta done but not quite

    This mill closure is hitting dh hard. He's had 6 guys call for jobs. He has 2 openings.
  • I subscribed to a couple years ago and have gotten good deals from her.  She sends one email a day and I like it because it's just a list of deals with links so you can quickly scan it.  I don't have to scroll through tons of things I'm not interested in.
  • Interesting thanks.
  • I'm hooooooooome!  Also, I learned that the only thing more boring than driving through cornfields is driving through fields where the corn has already been harvested and plowed under. 

    Tomorrow is the usual.  Sunday, I think we'll surprise the kids with one last theme park trip before they close next weekend.  DS is so tall that he can actually go on a few of the non-little kid rides now--not coasters, but other fun stuff.
  • Morning. I am exhausted- DD was up last night crying about who knows what and of course, when she cries she asks for me and if DH goes in, it just gets worse. I don't feel like working today, but I have way too much to do that I can't just waste time until 4 pm.

    I am excited for this weekend- tonight there is a Halloween party at DD's daycare and the director keeps asking me if we're coming so...we'll try to go for a bit. Tomorrow we'll relax and then I'm taking the kids to a Halloween balloon festival with my mom. Sunday is cleaning day and I might take DS up to a Halloween festival that the town near us is putting on (mostly I want to eat some fair food like funnel cake and shit).
  • I'm taking out some co-workers for a wild lunch (wild game, that is). 

    One co-worker is worried about her family in Mexico - her mom is supposed to fly home tomorrow. They're about 3 hours SW from Guadalajara, so well within the area that's getting hit by Hurricane Patricia. 

  • I have to make a sandwich board this weekend.

    I have a good friend I haven't seen for awhile coming over for dinner tonight.  The rest of the weekend is getting ready for our big fundraiser on the 28th.
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