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Do I tell my tinder dates that they're not the only one?

Dear Prudie,
I am a woman in my late 20s and my boyfriend and I ended a nearly 10-year relationship a few months ago. I recently entered the dating world for the first time in my adult life. I am using an app that gets a lot of flak, but I’ve met several genuinely sweet men who all were adorable and charming! Well now I have six (yes, six!) guys who I like and have, or plan, to go on second and third dates with. They text me daily and want to hang out. I find myself making white lies to avoid telling the truth as to why I’m busy, that is, I have a date. I’m not looking to settle down, but I’m not looking for friends with benefits either. At what point do I have to stop seeing more than one man? If I start (safely) sleeping with them? Do I have to disclose that I am dating other people before they ask me? These guys are making me feel like they’re not dating anyone else by the amount they text and call me and how often they want to spend time together. Maybe they’re just better at the game than I am? A few of them live in the same neighborhood, which I anticipate will bring me an awkward situation (or four) eventually. 

—She’s Got Game 

Re: Do I tell my tinder dates that they're not the only one?

  • Don't people assume when they first start dating someone, that they are probably dating other people.
  • Doesn't everyone assume that the dating apps are for dating multiple people?  Until one of these guys wants to have the monogamy convo, I see no need to say anyting but, "Sorry, I'm busy at that time."
  •  but I’m not looking for friends with benefits either. 

    perhaps nobody explained the purpose of Tinder to her?
  • Funny, I was just catching up on the Prudie article today before coming over here. 

    Woe is her for being so gosh darn popular....

    But Prudie's right, after a second date, you tend to figure out which people you want to continue dating and which you don't!

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