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My wonderful BF is breaking labor laws

Dear Prudie,
I have been dating a wonderful guy for several years. He is a great partner, handsome, hard-working, and he cares a great deal about making me happy. My parents love him, too. I recently learned that his small business is paying several employees under the table, at the employees’ request. This has left me feeling confused and upset. I believed that he was a pretty ethical person and, in his mind, he is doing a favor to his employees. In my mind, he is risking the company that he has worked so hard to build. Help!

—Black Market

Re: My wonderful BF is breaking labor laws

  • This reminds me of the day I discovered the dirty side of the business world...  She needs to clarify how things are going down as to not be confused (if it's a self-employed situation, is he doing a lower wage then gift money type situation... or are these workers here illegally... or ???  Not enough information to know...  If she's uncomfortable with the whole thing, then it may be in her best interest to bail out now before she's married in (or keep the checking accounts separate... just saying...)

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