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Confused about type of wedding...

I would love some all around input regarding whether we have a church wedding and reception or go elope somewhere (and invite whoever would like to attend) and come back and do a big reception. I'm torn because both are enticing. If we elope it won't be like a destination wedding, just a Vegas type setting. I should add that I haven't grown up dreaming of the day I walk down the isle, so I think I'd be okay with either, but I'm just not sure. April 2012 is when we've set the date for the church wedding but haven't done much more yet. What are your thoughts, pros and cons?!

Thanks for your time and advice in advance :-)

*I did post this on my wedding month board and my state board to make sure I get some ideas, as well!

Re: Confused about type of wedding...

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    What are your pros and cons to a church wedding v. eloping? Why do you think you might want to elope? Why do you want a church wedding?

    For me, the idea of eloping or having a teeny tiny wedding with just my very nearest and dearest is appealing. I totally get where you're coming from. I'm Catholic, so realistically, eloping was out -- a full-on Catholic nupital mass was too important to me, and to FI as well. We talked a lot about how big to make the wedding, and decided that, in the end, we (as a couple, so this certainly doesn't apply to everyone) would not regret having a big wedding but might regret having a small one. As frustrated as I sometimes still get with wedding planning, I know that, in the end, it's going to be a great day.

    That's all a long, personal way of saying that you and your FI have to decide what's best for you, given all your desires, your situation, etc.
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    I think you need to do what you feel is right for  you.  We got engaged in Vegas and so many people asked why we just didn't get married there and our answer was our families want to be included. Hope that helps
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