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Hello?  Everyone ready for Halloween?

I'm chafing at being in the office this a.m.  A half day sounded reasonable at the time, but now that I'm here, I kind of wish I had taken the whole day.  I'm like a kid, I can't wait for the kids' class parties.  DS was up at 5:00 this a.m. and DD was in her costume before 6:00, so I think it will be an early bedtime tonight.

DH was killing me ded this a.m.  He has a trainwreck coworker, who recently put Bible verses from the book of Job on his desk, and we were snarking that they're intended for their manager b/c she's quickly running out of patience with him.  (Ex:  he took a verrrry long lunch yesterday and completely forgot about a 1:30 meeting.  Manager called, and the dude was at Jimmy John's.) 

Anyhoo, I love DH b/c in his text, he spelled it G.O.B.

Re: Friday?

  • LOL @ G.O.B. 

    DefConn went to school as Bob the Builder.  He's so stinking cute. He sang me the whole theme song while I was getting him dressed. 

    My friend's daughter's bday is today.  She's having a party and then we'll trick-or-treat by them tomorrow night.  DefConn keeps asking if we can go trick-or-treating for his bday.  I keep having to explain to him that's not how it works.  ;) 

  • I have never been so thankful for a Friday.  We've canceled the camping trip since it's rain everywhere.  We had a couple of invites for Halloween parties and now people are saying, "Oh, you should come now!"  NOPE.  I'm hunkering in my house, with my PJs, dogs, tea, books, and TV. I'l make hubby cuddle at some point.

    I also only have half a day, since we were supposed to go camping, and it's going to take FOREVER.  I'm just so damn worn out right now.
  • Happy Friday!

    I rand some errands by myself this morning and it was nice to do things on my time.

    We'll T-O-T tomorrow, probably in the rain.  Then I'll fall into a candy coma.

    Have you ever made a totally non-practical, sort of ridiculous purchase but not even care?  That's where I'm at with the bed that will be here Monday for DD1.  The normal-me thing to do would have been to purchase a good quality bed that will last her until she moves out of the house.  But no.  We bought this:


    She's ridiculously excited and I am happy we got it for her.  We'll revisit the practical bed in a few years.  And we'll cross the DD2 bed upgrade bridge when we come to it.

    Anyway, we'll be mattress shopping this weekend.  Wild times.
  • Will this week ever fucking end?

    Last night, I decided that I'd take a bath. So I took a relaxing bath, watched some shows, drank a glass of wine. Got out, drain the tub and the shower is filling up. Shit (literally) is every where and their noises from other sinks/toilets. DH thinks it's because we had rain all day yesterday and that prevented the septic tank from draining properly. I'm crossing my fingers that was it because I really don't want it to be something more expensive.

    And work let me know that the week of the 9th, they want me to travel. I tried getting out of it but it didn't work.

    Good thing there will be a shit ton of candy to eat tomorrow.
  • 2 bleeping hours in a furniture store. We had it narrowed to 2 and took 10 mins to pick fabric. 2 effing hours.
  • FI and I finally watched Sunday's TWD... UH OMG!!

    Any who.... nothing new here. Bachelorette party tonight for my co-worker. Hopefully it will be fun. I've never been to one before.

    Hope everyone has a safe and Happy Halloween :)

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