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Something special for godmothers

My fiancee and I are honouring our mothers at our wedding, but our godmothers have been pivitol in our lives and we want to do something special for them as well.
I was wondering if anyone had any ideas. I would like to do more than saying something in the speeches.

Thanks for the help,

Re: Something special for godmothers

  • What about giving them a corsage to wear? Are they participating in the ceremony at all?
  • Currently other than being there no, we are doing a last kiss wth our moms just before the vows, but I would like to do something else for the godmothers.
  • I gave my godmother a corsage, and she loved it. I also wrote her and my godfather a nice long note about how much they meant to me and put it in the envelope with their escort card. I ama much more private person, and it meant more to them than me saying something publically about them. 
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  • Often in the Catholic church, the godmothers bring up the gifts. We had our mothers do this, and both of our godmothers did a reading.
  • We are just doing corsages for them.  My cousins have had them do readings at their weddings. 

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  • H's Grandma is Catholic, so she helped bring up the gifts as we also got married in the Catholic church. My Grandma didn't really participate in the ceremony, but we still got both Grandma's gifts and I wrote a heartfelt messages in each of the cards.
  • we are getting our Godmothers corsages. we let them choose between a wrist or a pin, both chose wrist
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