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Tipping help

I always hear different standards for tipping and wanted to know what I should do in Vegas.

HMU - Bri herself will be working her magic
Photog - Todd
Transportation - they said that gratuity is already included in the pricing.

Any advice?

Re: Tipping help

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    It's not necessary to tip sole proprietors as they should not be charging an amount that would not permit them to remain in business; but if you feel they've done a great job, then feel free to tip.  Transportation (limo rental, etc) typically includes the tip as a 20% mandatory fee, so no need to tip there unless it's not included.

    If those vendors bring assistants, it's nice to tip those folks.  Most hair & makeup people tend to bring an assistant if they have more than couple people to do.

    Married in Vegas - June 2011

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