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Nov. outdoor morning ceremony

Hey everyone, we're booking with Three Village Inn this week & we're really hoping to have a November Sunday afternoon wedding starting w/ a ceremony at 11am and reception at noon and ending at 5. Do you think it would be too cold for an outdoor ceremony? assuming that weather permits it of course, would this be okay? a few venues we looked at talked about how it would be too cold in Nov. to take pictures outside ect . and it just really got me thinking. We're really only doing Nov. because Oct. was a little out of our budget (but we absolutely love the venue) and since our guest list is small, we have to have a morning/afternoon wedding and I would love to have the sun going down for it..which means I'd have to have it later in the year (Nov. goes down at 4:30ish). Do you think it would be too cold for an outdoor wedding in early/mid November?

Re: Nov. outdoor morning ceremony

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    I actually went through the same thing before booking my wedding there. I wanted to do late October or early November originally, but then went with early September instead because my fiance and i agreed that it might be too cold outside. They are able to do an indoor ceremony which I have heard is really nice also.
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    I think it will be way too cold, to be honest, especially considering that dress clothes (which all of your guests will be wearing, since it is a wedding) are about the least warm clothes ever.  Maybe you could rent heaters so your guests don't freeze while watching your ceremony?
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    We are having similar concerns. Planning a small late morning/early afternoon ceremony outdoors mid-october. And with the crazy weather we have been having lately (50deg one day 85 the next) I'm getting a little nervous!
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    I would not go to a November outdoor ceremony. I get cold very easily. I would come to the reception though. I don't think it is right to expect guests to sit outside in the cold for a half hour or more.
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